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Project Portfolio Management Services

The goal of tactical management is to ensure the achievement of the organization’s goals by identifying portfolios of projects, programs, projects, processes, milestones, organization indicators for the medium-term period (from 1 to 5 years) and monitoring them Achievements with a frequency of at least 1 time per quarter.


Identification of portfolios of projects and programs is made on the basis of strategic documents of the organization.

Tools for tactical control

Managing project portfolios and programs The main instruments of tactical control for organizations can be documents:

-Tactical plan

-Internal plan of activity

-Register of project / program / project portfolios (and processes)

Within the framework of these documents, all activities of the organization are decomposed into Project Portfolios, Programs, Projects and Processes.

Project Portfolio Management

In order to effectively manage and enforce the strategic goals of the organization, programs and projects can be combined into project portfolios. In this case, for the implementation of portfolio management processes, it is recommended to use the National Standard of the USA.

In practice, the implementation of portfolio and program management in organizations is carried out in different ways and the task of the organization and the consultants involved simplify the management system and not confuse management and employees.

Services of the company “Project Services”

The company “Project Services” renders the following services in terms of organization of portfolio management:

-Formation of project portfolios based on the strategic goals of the organization

-Identifying Portfolio Components

-Evaluation and ranking of projects and processes in terms of importance

-Optimization and balancing of the portfolio

-Organization of portfolio approval

Organization of control and management of portfolio changes

When organizing the management of programs, the company “Project Services” renders the following services:

The definition of the list of programs based on the strategic objectives of the organization and project portfolios (if available)

Development of programs (the formation of a passport, other documents in conjunction with those responsible from the organization)

Formation of calendar plans, program budgets

Ensuring the implementation of programs, risk management and communications

Organization of control and change management programs