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Project Accounting Services

Project-based organizations must comply with a series of additional accounting and financial reporting requirements, not only from the company, but from an increasingly heavy regulatory structure. Internally, project accounting it will often cross organizational and geographical boundaries, with matrix management making an additional requirement for flexible project accounting. An additional complexity is projects that last from a few days or weeks to many years, during which time budgets can also be reviewed many times. In addition to these internal considerations, compliance with regulations and the need for transparent revenue recognition exert additional pressure on project accounting.

Project Accounting at Weprosys Ltd.

The challenge is to meet these various requirements from a single accounting software system, with minimal administrative costs and maximum flexibility. Weprosys Ltd. Project Accounting allows project-based organizations to regain control and eliminate redundant administrative processes and related costs, creating greater efficiencies that flow directly into the result.


Accounting Software Solutions that Meet the Business Goals

The Project Accounting Weprosys Ltd. allows companies to medium – sized and global meet the increasing demands of flexibility and financial regulation in today’s business environment. More than just accounting software,   Weprosys Ltd.’s Project Accounting is a real-world business solution.

Project accounting software that supports detailed project planning and flexible financial accounting with a single data entry point, powerful code publishing capabilities and data evolution throughout the project life cycle, from supply to the cash.

Get full visibility into the total costs of the projects no matter how they are incurred; time, expenses and materials, including included and accumulated costs, records and disbursements.

Demonstrate consistent and transparent revenue recognition through income recognition rules, the work table and reports. In an international environment, take advantage of the strong support of several companies and several currencies in all aspects of the solution.

Create complete flexibility for the work breakdown structure (WBS) with various billing methods, currency capabilities and clients with the bypass of selected stages and tasks if necessary. Track, compare and report budgets, forecasts and estimates for complete (ETC) through multiple revisions.