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Product Label Design Services

Product Label Design Services one of the main channels of communication brand with the consumer. The qualitative, original and modern design of the label is the key to successful promotion of the goods on the market, as it is empirically proven that an attractive visual design stimulates the growth of spontaneous and planned purchases.

No matter how good, quality or affordable is the product, if its label is plain – it will never attract the attention of consumers. When the visual part of the brand has an impact on the buyer, all other qualities of the product go to the background. An ill-conceived label can harm a product, forcing the consumer to make a choice not in its favor.


The design of packaging and labels is a synergy of creativity and strategic marketing, which should:

-Pass within the framework of a single design concept of the company, corporate style;

-Take into account the specifics of the consumer audience;

-Emphasize the unique advantages of the product.

-A successful brand that is leading in its segment should have an important distinctive feature – a quality and beautiful label design.

Marketers and designers Weprosys Ltd. will help develop the label design. We will conduct research and offer you 3 reasoned label concepts.

Label design development: the price depends on such factors

Requirements for the development of positioning and USP. If the brand does not have positioning, the cost of the label design will be higher.

The size of the label. The cost of small labels is much lower.

The type of material and printing technology that will be chosen to create.

One of the most popular requests is the design of the label on the bottle. It can be alcohol, juice, mineral or sweet fizzy water. If you need to develop unique bottle geometry, as well as the design of all the elements of the label, then the cost of the service can exceed $1500 Dollar.

When ordering a set of services (positioning, UTP, supporting texts, infographic, author’s supervision of printing the first edition), the cost of creating a label design will be lower.

About how much the label design costs in your particular case, you can ask the managers of Weprosys Ltd. . They will make a draft estimate of the project; just write them in the lower right window.

Label design: stages

Analysis of the brand.  At this stage, our analysts will gather all the necessary information about the main target groups, analyze the competitive environment, and also study the essence of your brand in order to express its values ​​and consumer benefits as accurately as possible.

Development of 3 design concepts of labels.  Based on the obtained analytical data, Weprosys Ltd. designers implement all possible graphic solutions for the label. We will provide the best design solutions for you and argue each variant of the design of packaging and labels in terms of conveying brand values, as well as the formation of a loyal consumer attitude (based on positioning and UTS).

Development of the chosen concept. After you choose one of the options, Weprosys Ltd. will improve it. Our designers will finalize the form of the label, select and work on fonts, printing materials, form the color range of the entire line, and also prepare illustrative and photographic materials.

Prepress preparation.  At the final stage, our specialists will make layout and preparation of design layouts for delivery to the printing house and will bring all materials into strict compliance with technical requirements.

Develop a label design: the features of the creation

The label is a trademark of the trademark, part of the package, which is an important stimulator of sales. From the extent to which the label matches the tastes and preferences of the target audience, the fate of the product depends – from one-time purchases to constant consumption. The expressive design of the label highlights the product on the shelf among countless competitive brands, attracts attention, and makes the brand recognizable. Development of label design is a prerequisite for sustainable high sales.

You can order a label design at Weprosys Ltd. We develop all kinds of labels: from bottles to textile (design labels for clothes). If you need a label for applying to a glass or plastic container, our specialists will create for you all the necessary elements.

The design of the label on the bottle consists of such parts

Development of the main label (cabinet). It contains the product name, logo, necessary basic information.

Development of caliber (label on the top of the bottle). This is the smallest label that is placed on the top of the bottle. It is small in size, so only the logo, symbolism and name of the product are on it.

Development of the counter label (label on the back of the bottle) – this label contains useful information for the consumer: the composition of the product, nutritional value, volume, manufacturer, etc.

The professional design of the bottle and label informs the consumer about the high quality and special benefits of the product. Correctly selected color, shape and graphics in the design of the label will ideally complement the packaging of the product and make it attractive and selling.

The creation of a label must take into account the psychological characteristics of flowers, some colors, such as acid green, are not recommended for food. You should also take into account visual images, for example, if you need to create a sense of strength or massiveness, then in design it is better to use thick horizontal lines. An important role is played by the material from which the label is made – cardboard, foil, paper, polymers or self-adhesive paper.

Label design development is a complex process that requires a large number of works:

Analysis of a unique trade offer;

Development of the concept of positioning;

The development of a label and its form

Choice of material, style, color scheme, fonts.

However the main thing is a communication message which will broadcast the label to the consumer, thereby stimulating his purchase of the product.

The development of label design is based on the following factors

-Visual aesthetics and attractiveness. A quality label encourages the buyer to purchase.

-Tactile response. The material, dimensions, quality of production, label printing technology – all this plays an important role in the choice of the goods by the buyer.

-Emotional response.  The label should give the consumer positive emotions and positive associations. This makes it possible to create an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer.

-Form style.  The design concept of the product design should correspond to the general concept of the corporate style of the company; this will increase the brand recognition.

Advantages of exclusive label design:

-The product favorably differs from competitors;

-Design reveals and demonstrates brand values;

-Informs about the unique qualities and special functions of the goods;

-Gives an additional emotional color to the product.

-Qualitative label design: advantages

-Profitable difference from competitors.

-Attracting the attention of the potential of Central Asia.

-Stimulus to spontaneous purchase.

-Creating an emotional relationship between the brand and the consumer.

-Disclosure of the essence and values ​​of the brand through unique graphics solutions;

-Help in promoting the brand.

-What do you get by ordering a label design in Weprosys Ltd.?

-Completely finished label design, as well as:

-Report on the results of the company’s audit and market analysis;


-Unique selling proposition;

-Options for positioning the goods (3 design concepts to choose from);

-A ready-made line of names;

-Ready-to-reinforce texts;

-Support at the stage of launching the first print run.

-Contact a representative of Weprosys Ltd. right now and get a free consultation!