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Product films Services

Attractive product films services and clips for more success in marketing and sales. A product film provides customers with optimum information about the product. In product films, unlike a website, potential features and benefits of the product are presented and communicated to potential customers almost live. Product films are also used for the descriptive description of products / services / services in need of explanation. A product film is a special form of presentation, because within about 2-3 minutes the particular strengths and characteristics of a product / service must be communicated and a positive image must be built up.


Advantages of product films:

The declaration of a product or service through a product film reinforces the product understanding at the customer and prevents further inquiries by telephone or contact form -> time and cost savings. Product films can also increase the awareness and thus positively influence the willingness to buy. Product films also serve to attract new customers.

Product films jewelry

For the exact representation of a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace, it is recommended to create a product film. The film is intended to emotionalize the product, but at the same time explain the functioning or the exact nature. Flexible and customer-oriented action led to fresh, innovative and creative results that also completely satisfy the customers.

Product film Diadem  Product movie necklace

Product films jewelry

Due to the highly reflective surfaces of cut stones and precious metals, jewelery is one of the biggest challenges of the “category” product film. To represent pieces of jewelry as spatially as possible, it is necessary to create a mix of slow rotations and details. In particular, when it comes to show ways of functioning such as a clip closure, a product film is optimally suitable.

Product movie necklace  Product film earrings

Product films ring / glasses

In rings (such as wedding rings), it is important to rotate the different combinations of rings in appropriate situations to emotionally convey the value, elegance and playful lightness of this jewelry variability. A product film takes the customer into their respective scenery.

Product film ring  Product movie glasses