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Press Printing Agency house Bangladesh

The Weprosys Limited Press Printing Agency house Bangladesh offers the most comprehensive printing solutions in offset printing of: Catalogue, Booklet, Leaflets/ Flyers, Brochures, CD Covers/ Labels, Books, Magazines, Product Catalogue, Pamphlets, Calendars, Posters, Mailers, Journals/ News Letters, Wedding/ Invitation Cards, Post Cards, Carry Bags, Boxes, Carton, Corporate Stationery, Diaries, Business/ Visiting Cards printing services at lowest price.

The main of our activity printing services:

– Production of books for anniversaries and memorable dates of organizations and individuals;

– Image and status editions in an exclusive printing design;

– Memoirs and autobiographies;

– Catalogs of products and services, full-color magazines;

– Special books and book series developed in the framework of advertising and pr-campaigns;

– Publication of works by the author.


Publishing services:


– Preparation and processing of text of any level of complexity, proofreading, editing, recognition, typing;

– Creating illustrations;

– Development of design of individual elements of the book – covers, bookends, avantitula, headers (footers);

– Photographing;

– Scanning and preparation of illustrations, color correction, retouching;

– Development of the design layout of the publication, preparation for printing;

– Write postscript files, color proofs.

The publishing house is also ready to help you in the publication of its corporate periodical , the so-called newsletter – an almanac, collection, magazine, newspaper, etc.

In addition, employees of the publishing house “Weprosys Limited” are ready to help you in writing advertising texts for publication in the media, in the preparation of annual reports and other presentation products.

Digital printing

Its feature is the ability to get an imprint in the shortest possible time (up to 1 hour with the preparation of the original layout), as well as printing short (from 1 copy) circulations. The modern level of equipment used in the publishing house “Weprosys Limited”, allows you to get print quality comparable to that of the leading printing houses.

The range of formats (from A6 to A3 +) and types of printed materials (paper from 60 g / m2 to 300 g / m2, self-adhesive paper, metallized paper, film) makes it possible to offer the following types of products (both in color and in black and white performance):

– Leaflets, posters, flyers;

– Business cards, badges;

– booklets;

– Envelopes;

– Books, brochures;

– Self-adhesive labels (including on CDs), etc.

Production of high-quality printing products

Employees of the publishing house will help in the implementation of your creative ideas for the manufacture of a wide range of products, including:

– Book and magazine products;

– Advertising printing on various media;

– Souvenir and image products.


Publisher offers comprehensive customer support in the design of printing. Weprosys Limited offers services to create all the attributes of the corporate style:

– logo;

– business cards;

– branded envelopes;

– letterhead;

You can order not only the development of printing design, but also all the necessary prepress services: layout, photography for catalogs, brochures or calendars, scanning and all subsequent prepress works with your images, texts, tables. In addition, our company is focused on providing a full range of printing services, that is, everything necessary is produced – from idea to circulation.

The development of corporate identity involves the creation of advertising printing layouts, including:

– calendars (quarterly, flip, pocket);

– flyers;

– CD covers;

– corporate booklets of any complexity;

– posters;

– advertising brochures;

– product and service catalogs;

– branded packaging for your product.

– books (color and black and white)

– magazines

In addition, the publisher will produce high-quality flash-banners for use on the Internet

At a Glance our all designing and printing services below:

Commercial and Industrial Printing Services:  Brochures Single Page, Brochures Multipage. Product literature, Sell Sheets, Newsletters, Mailings, Stationary, Parts and price lists, Announcements, Forms, Circulars, Maps, Bulletins, Trade books, Textbooks, Manuals, Catalogs, Directories, Handbooks, Lab Books, journals, Yearbooks, Magazines , Stitched, Comb or spiral bindings, Perfect binding printing services, Packing Tapes, Packing Material.

Stationery Printing:  Copies / Note Book, School Diary, Question Paper & Answer sheet Printing, Register, Challan book Fee Book, Annual Browser, Attendance Register, Registration Foam, Report card printing, Certificate Printing, Gate pass, Official Letter Head, Warning Boards, Name Plates of Class , Toilets, Syllabus book Printing, Chart / Art Paper, Official stamps, annual Magazine, Rubber Stamp

Bag Design and printing: we design Non Woven Carry Bags, Synthetic Carry Bags, Flexo Hm Printed HM bags , Hm Printed Shopping Bags, Colour Offset Printed Bags, Readymade bags, Eco- friedly Shopping bags, Custom Printed Bags, Color Shopping Printed Bags.

Booklet Design: Booklet Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh

Catalogue: Catalogue Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh. Business-to-business catalogs, Business-to-consumer catalogs, Digital catalogs, Retail catalogs, Supply catalogs

Canopy and Standees Printing, Led clip on frame, Led Signage Board, Vinyl Printing, Onaway Vision Printing, Glow Sign Boards, Poster Printing, Digital Printing Press, Poster Printing for conferences, Dangler Printing

CD Cover Printing: Weprosys Limited. We are specialized in Direct print on CD, Screen printing on CD or DVD, CD Printing, DVD Printing CD writing, DVD, writing, CD Cover Printing DVD cover Printing, CD Stickers printing, DVD Stickers printing.

Stickers:  Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Dangler: Dangler Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Leaflet Printing & design: Weprosys Limited Leaflet Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Poster Designing & Printing: We do all poster designing and printing. Poster Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh

Flyer: We do Flyer design and printing. 8.5 x 11 paper size flyer is most popular. Flyer Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Brochure: We design and print all Brochure. Brochure Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Banner Printing

Cloth banner: We print fabric banners on a heavy tri-poplin cloth that drapes beautifully and gives bright, accurate colors. Cloth banner Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Flex banner: we do all Flex Banner. we are the top flex banner Designing & Printing company in Bangladesh.

Digital Flex: Most commonly used media for advertising and promotions in the form of Banners, Hoardings, Bus Shelters, Vinyls, Standees etc. Can be printed on Front lit / back lit Flex, Matt/Glossy Vinyl, Clear Vinyl, One-way vision, reflective etc.

Promotional Banner: We do all types of promotional banner

Sign Board Print

Glow Sign Board: We create glow sign boards, dealer boards and back-to-back printed flex backlit boards.

Led Borad: we do all LED Display Board.

Neon Sign Boards: we do all Neon Sign works.

Flex banner: We design and print all types of Flex banner for your business and promotion need.

Translite Board: We Design and print Translite Board.

Acp Board: ACP Board offered comprises acrylic letters with led light support and are designed in a way that make these clearly visible at night from a distance.

Office Stationary Printing Services:

Business Cards: Get your Business card design and print by us

Letter Head: WE also design and print all letter head.

Envelope: We design and print all types of envelop

Receipt/ Bill Book: We design and print all Accounts related materials

CD Cover Printing: Weprosys Limited. We are specialized in Direct print on CD, Screen printing on CD or DVD, CD Printing, DVD Printing CD writing, DVD, writing, CD Cover Printing DVD cover Printing, CD Stickers printing, DVD Stickers printing. Our Direct-to-print on CD technology.

Poster Designing & Printing: Our unique poster design and printing services are country acclaimed. Weprosys Limited is Leading Poster Designing and printing company in Bangladesh.

Hoarding: We are complete hoarding designing and printing agency in services

Balloons Advertisement: We provide printing service for Balloons Advertisement.