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Pre-press services

Prepress (or Pre-press) is the most important and time-consuming part of the printing process. If you draw an analogy with football Pre-press is the team goalkeeper. The spectators remember the goals scored by the attackers but the most important job on the field is with the goalkeeper. Even a small mistake can spoil the whole lot of printed products. Therefore Pre-press is important – it helps to minimize losses and start production faster.


The cost of pre-printing layout depends on such factors:

The total size of the layout. The more it is the higher the cost of Pre-press.

Number of vector images. The price of them grows with their number.

Uniformity. When ordering a line of names the following layouts are made according to the model and their price will be lower.

Pre-press preparation of Services design: stages

Graphic and structural design: Initially your team begins to develop a graphic and structural design of the package. In case you already have it we start working with it.

Preparing an electronic layout for printing. Creating an electronic layout of the product we prepare it for printing checking and preliminary agreeing with you the final version.

Trapping and color separation. Trapping is the method of masking register errors. It consists in thickening the contours of printed elements. Color separation is the separation of a color image into several monochrome components. It is necessary to prepare the image for printing in several colors.

Producing color proofs. Color proof is a sample of the final product. It is created to check the correctness of color separation. It helps to avoid mistakes and costs in the subsequent stages of Pre-press processing of the image.

Constructional design and layout design. We proceed to the design development and design with the help of automated computer systems CAD and CAM.

Creating a sample Services. Having approved the layout prepares the layouts for placing the strips in the format of a sealed sheet.

Manufacturing of printing plates. The printing form is a plate with which the image is applied to the printed material.

Development and manufacturing of technical equipment.

Types of printing on Services

Offset printing

For many years offset printing has been in the lead among all the existing types of printing. The secret of its success lies in the relatively low cost of a single copy when printing large runs.

Preprinting offset printing is a time-consuming and costly process. One of its most important stages is the verification and correction of errors. It is necessary to prevent the release of defective products.

The process of lowering the bands is also important. This is the correct location of the pages of the document with a focus on specific printing features and pre-press preparation in a single printing house. Thanks to him the products appear before us exactly in the form in which it was planned.  The lowering of the bands helps to save on paper which reduces the cost of the product.

Offset printing requires printing plates. They are obtained using film or by displaying offset plates in a special copying frame.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is especially popular when printing cardboard or film Services and labels .

There are several requirements for the preparation of printing plates for flexo printing. Among them:

The need for a negative image;

Image on the photo form must be compressed along one of the axes;

The image should be read from the side of the emulsion.

In offset printing the designer does not need to worry about the paper size and placement of images on the sheet. This is done by manual installation. However there is no manual installation of forms in flexography. Here for output to the photographic form it is necessary to prepare exactly what will be printed? Those to print labels you need to put it on a sheet arrange it with scales cut mark set

You can order a pre-press service for flexographic printing in Weprosys Ltd. Choosing us you choose quality.

Screen printing

Screen printing is indispensable when working with uneven surfaces. It differs from others using a stencil when applying images. Most often it is used for printing single demand products with small print runs (mainly for text materials).

For screen printing it is desirable to use vectorized mock-ups. Those the drawing should consist not of a set of points but of figures or lines. When printing a raster image the number of lines per inch does not exceed 45 (whereas in offset it reaches 175). Also when the colors are superimposed on each other for the correct color separation you must specify the order of colors. The first to print the most light shade.

Deep printing

This method appeared in the XV century. Now the deep printing is developing mainly in the Services production market. With this printing the ink is fed to the printing cylinder and falls on the corresponding grooves of the printed elements.

One of the features of Pre-press for intaglio printing is the difficulty of correcting errors and shortcomings of Pre-press on printed form.

Decoration of glassware

In recent years more and more popular is the decoration of glass products (often bottles for alcohol). It helps to stand out against the competition to make the goods original and more valuable. You can order decoration of glassware in Weprosys Ltd.

Methods of decorating glassware

Screen printing.  With the help of high-temperature firing thermo-enamel or ceramic paint is applied to the surface of the bottle. It is this seal that is used when creating a gold or platinum bottle decor.

Printing with ultraviolet paints refers to the stencil method. However it can be identified as a separate species. High-temperature firing is not needed here so you can print on an already painted surface.

Sanitization.  This method involves the matting of the bottle which has become very popular when decorating alcoholic beverages.

Coating (coloring of bottles).  Thanks to this method you get a unique design which is also much more economical than colored glass.

Shrink labels are very popular in recent times. It allows the label to take the form of a bottle under the influence of temperature.

Decoupling consists in transferring the image to a bottle by the type of a decal.

Pre-press Services is the foundation for the future success of the product.  Build it with Weprosys Ltd.