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Peachtree accounting software service

Accounting software Peachtree is the only accounting software that was introduced in the first personal computer age and still in use today. What was a complicated DOS program has now evolved into a Windows-friendly, intuitive accounting solution for personal use, small business and corporate use. For those unsure if the program fits their needs, there is an online version that the user can take for a test drive.


Peachtree was the first software of its kind to be offered to consumers for their accounting needs. As computer technology has changed, software has kept pace and is available for all modern Windows-based systems.



Accounting software Peachtree offers the consumer all forms of accounting services. Not only does the software provide accounting ledger, payable accounts, short-term credits, Payroll, inventory and labor costs all can be done within the program.


Peachtree Pro is designed for individual or small business use, while Peachtree Quantum is aimed at multi-user large companies. Because of the different levels, each company can find the version of Peachtree that best suits their needs.


For users who are not satisfied or have passed QuickBooks Pro, Peachtree can import files seamlessly and require very little additional configuration for the program. Setting up Peachtree accounting software from scratch requires that the user knows all account balances, information and banking information as well as other accounting processes.


Peachtree accounting software makes keeping books simple for large and small businesses. Training and support are available and users are notified when updates to the program are available. Sage Software offers a range of compatible business programs that integrate with Peachtree to address specific accounting concerns and offers direct payroll and deposit for Peachtree customers.