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Payroll Service outsourcing

Prepare a calculation without errors and in a timely manner – it’s so simple. It really sounds simple, but in reality, of course, it’s not. According to the leading Bangladesh rating agency “Expert BD”, Weprosys Ltd. Bangladesh is included in the TOP-2 companies for the calculation of wages and personnel records in Bangladesh.

We performed millions of payroll operations during our work. We are always aware of the latest changes in the legislation in the field of wages, including tax payments, deductions to the pension fund and other mandatory contributions. Working with Weprosys Ltd., you receive salary calculation services certified by ISO 9001: 2012, and also reduce the risks associated with non-compliance with legislation.

Standard package of payroll services

Within the framework of the service, the following are calculated:

Salaries, taxes and contributions;

Calculation and payment of hospital, vacation, severance pay and other compensation;

Payments to employees, in accordance with the employment contract and the Regulation on labor remuneration;

Payments to individuals under civil law contracts;

Other types of payments.

Our specialists prepare:

Mandatory forms of state reporting on wages;

Individual payment slips in electronic or printed form;

Payment documents.

Also within the framework of this package we provide:

A bill of accounts grouped by bone-centers;

Full information on assessed leave, sickness and other compensation;

Obligatory quarterly and annual reporting to the regulatory bodies.

The cost of the basic package of services for the calculation of wages

Number of employees  * Cost (per month), in Taka.

50           25000

100         40000

150         50000

250         70000

From 500             an additional assessment is required

The table shows the estimated cost of services, excluding VAT

Order a service for calculating the salary

By submitting the form, you consent to the processing of personal data.

5 advantages of Weprosys Ltd. Bangladesh

Our team adheres to the important principles in the field of payroll outsourcing:

We know about all the changes in the legislation. We are aware of the latest changes in the field of wages: tax payments, deductions to pension funds and other mandatory contributions.

In our team – only experienced professionals. We employ qualified specialists with an individual approach to the client.

We launch a new project for 1-2 months. We develop and coordinate the order of interaction for each company. We can start work the next day – we start from the wishes of the client.

We take into account all changes within the client’s company. We cooperate on an ongoing basis, and we react promptly to any changes in the client companies – we analyze and, if necessary, make changes to our work. This does not require additional expenses from the client – the option is included in the standard package of services.

We offer both standard and exclusive package of services. Please consult our consultant for details.

Combination of services for calculating wages and self-management of personnel processes

We were the first company on the Bangladesh market to offer its customers a combined model of payroll services and self-management of HR records based on the online HR portal. Currently, this is the de-facto standard in the industry.

Joint work simplifies the collection, processing and storage of personnel and salary data. You get access to information in the 24/7 mode and have the opportunity to conduct HR records management, as well as collect the necessary documents and reports.

Over the past seven years, the combined model has proven itself to be an effective, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution. Order the calculation of wages for your company by phone +88 01788377901 or by mail . You can also order a callback on the site, and we will contact you promptly.

Online reporting

Do you need to receive personnel information here and now? We made this possible with online reporting, available in 24/7 mode.

The maintenance of personnel records management will allow you to focus on solving key tasks

We guarantee online access to payroll and HR records in the 24/7 mode (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Access to data allows you to use standard and customized reports, view personal data or scanned personnel documents when you need it.

Adapt to your needs

Do you want to understand the results of your work and how did these results affect your business? We can help you with getting reports and making your life easier.

We are ready to review and analyze your reporting needs before launching the payroll project. The result of this work will be a report prepared in accordance with your requirements. This document, together with standard management reporting, will be available online immediately after the monthly payroll is completed.

If you need a special report, you can simply export the data to a table and edit the document using your personal computer. In case you do not have time to do this, we are ready to do it for you.

Our clients often ask us to assess what changes in the procedure for calculating the salary or adding new types of payments will lead to. In either case, we will be happy to help – we will simply conduct a trial calculation for the required period – and you will be able to make the right decision.

Self-service of employees

In addition to online reports, you can also use the Self-Service portal, which allows employees to perform many tasks in the field of personnel management and payroll. More information about the self-service portal you can find here.

Expert in calculating salary in your office

Sometimes it is necessary that our employee work in your office

Our experts are ready to help you with the calculation of wages in your territory. This service may be relevant for financial and human resources during peak times, with a shortage of human resources for performing settlement operations, or simply when you need expertise in the field of Bangladeshn law.

In any case, whatever problem is before you, we are always ready to help you!

Service advantages

We are well aware that companies can not always transfer the payroll process to the party in full. The service “Expert in calculating the salary in your office” is exactly created for those organizations that need the expert’s presence 2.3 times a week or, for example, once in two weeks for setting up and optimizing settlement processes.

Due to the involvement of Weprosys Ltd. experts, the specialists of your company’s financial and HR departments will be able to reallocate their resources to solve more priority tasks.

Support and mentoring

Also, our experts can provide you with support or act as mentors for your accounting and HR specialists in matters of compliance with labor laws, tax accounting, preparation and submission of mandatory reporting to public authorities. With us you will always receive friendly support and will never be alone with your problems!

Payroll calculation for top managers

Sometimes the risks of disclosure of salary information can significantly affect the activities of your business.

Confidentiality in calculating wages for top management is critical for many companies. This is due to the fact that the risks of leakage of accounting information can have quite unpleasant consequences (such as, conflict situations within the company or a decrease in employee performance).

That is why the calculation of wages for top management is the most striking example of business functions outsourced in order to enhance the privacy policy and the preservation of information.

Outsourcing will allow you to obtain a reliable guarantee of the security of your data, as well as a guarantee of strict regulation of access to accounting information. As part of the outsourcing contract, we assume all the financial risks associated with the quality and timeliness of the work performed, and also bear financial responsibility for the correctness of the calculations.

In accordance with the Service Level Agreement, we also guarantee the continuity of service provision, track changes in legislation, and also ensure the interchangeability of the specialists of our processing center.

Also note that your information will only be available to an expert group of accountants working with your company and only for the duration of the contract. All employees of Weprosys Ltd. sign a confidentiality agreement.