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Pay Per Click Campaign Management Service

Pay Per Click Campaign Management Service. The Google Pay per Click Advertising, and Search Engine Marketing or PPC, it is one of the fastest ways to get massive amounts of traffic of potential customers to a target site. In addition to the classic Search Engine such as Google Bing Yahoo you can use Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn…

The advantage, compared to organic positioning is that it offers instant traffic and allows you to immediately check your business model. At the same time, Pay per Click Advertising is not as easy to use as it seems by reading in some sites dedicated to web marketing.


If you decide to start your Pay per Click campaigns without defining a method of tracking, or tracking results, without a thorough search of the best keywords, without establishing the ROI (Return of Investments) and above all without having well studied your ad (ADS) it will be much easier to throw away money than to earn it.

And the economic loss will be really fast … very fast

Before talking about the main Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising, here is a brief glossary to know the meaning of the most used terms.

Pay Per Click Management

In the Pay x Click Model there are three basic elements:

The keywords;

The ad or ads;


These three elements combined with each other generates relevant advertising with the answers related to the keywords searched in search engines, on portals or on the Web sites that offer on their pages advertising like Pay per Click.

For an effective PPC campaign you need to know exactly the most interesting keywords and keywords related to the topic of interest to you. The advice is to generate a large list so as to “block” all or most of the traffic generated to that word or group of keywords.

After defining the target (the keywords) it is necessary to write the text of the announcement (body copy) that will be displayed in the paid links (or in the advertising) during the searches made by the navigators.

Of course, the announcement is crucial because given an amount of expenditure (the budget you have defined) will determine the conversion rate of the ad itself.

The text will be related to the service / product that you offer and must contain precisely all the advantages and benefits of your offer in relation to a sea of ​​competitors.

After writing the text it is necessary to make an offer. The bidding mechanism varies as each Search Engine Advertising Program follows a different model even if the underlying idea is the same for everyone:

The bid amount (as if it were an auction) is the maximum cost in euros that you are willing to pay to make the announcement appear in the SERP for each keyword.

It is important to know how much you can spend in order to avoid entering into the wars of offers that are generated between competitors and to avoid spending more than you can earn with the various Pay per Click campaigns.

The elements of Pay x Click


Translated into Italian the term or its acronym CPC means Cost-Per-Click and is the amount you pay to the search engine every time a potential customer has clicked on your ad. Sometimes the amount is lower than the maximum bid made for each individual keyword.

-Conversion Rate

It is the report of the impressions that is the number of times the ad was displayed during searches made by the navigators or uploaded to the pages of the sites that offer the advertising service.

A typical conversion rate is 2-3% i.e., for every 100 impressions, you get 2-3 clicks. The conversion rate depends a lot on the quality of the text used in the ad and the “Ad position”


If there is more than one person bidding for a keyword (usually this is the case) the position of the ad (top left, right first page, second … etc) is determined by amounts made by every competitor. As it happens, whoever offers the most is in the best position (Google to encourage you to spend better and more adds the conversion rate in the calculation).

Your conversion rate up to a certain point depends on what is written in the announcement and partly on the place or poem in which it is displayed on the page (SERP)

The difficulty with this method is that it is that you could start a war of positions against competitors (to loosen up search engines) and lose a lot of money.

-Tracking or Tracking

It refers to the measurement of keywords that bring more contacts, customers or better revenues related to sales. Since the Pay per Click mechanism is compulsive, people may enter your site but do not buy.

Pay per Click Campaign Tracking will help you to fine-tune-up the optimization of advertising and improve your return on investment.

-Return of Investment (ROI)

It is determined by the budget made available and by the net profits generated by the PPC campaign. It is important to establish an ROI before the start of your campaign.

For example, you can start with a 1% conversion rate so that you do not spend too much money and make Pay per Click Campaigns work well.

-The world of Pay per Click

There are currently two major Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising in the world: Google AdWords and Overture (which has been given the new name of Yahoo! Search Marketing).

In addition there are many alternatives such as Espotting (now Miva), MetricsDirect and Kanoodle. The first two are of a higher category for the results.

However, one of the first things that many specialists or pseudos will tell you is that AdWords and Overture are “too expensive” for a significant break in (given the costs that for higher positions go from 3/4 dollar for medium competition keywords up to the exorbitant costs of $ 10 for truly competitive keywords).

In reality, if you are starting it is critical to select one of the two main PPC engines. Because?

Marketers traditionally judge PPC engines based on the following criteria:

-Extension: how big is your potential market

-CPC or Cost-per-click

-Traffic quality: do the Leads adapt to the profile of your potential customers? Will they spend on your products?

-Quality of service: ease in managing the Pay per click campaigns. And Overture and AdWords beat all of their competition on this metric except the CPC (cost per click).

However, the real benefits to CPC are offset by the ease of use of the two major Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising, and any PPC expert knows that the quality of traffic from Overture and Ad Words is better than others.


It was bought by Yahoo!, and recently changed its name to Yahoo! Search Marketing. With Yahoo! behind the second best PPC Internet engine should improve the quality of traffic and services over the next year.

The acquisition by Yahoo has meant that even the big advertisers have started paying attention to Overture even if at the moment there is still no comparison with Google Ad Words

The engine works by hand: when you write the ad for the site, this and the specified keywords must be approved by the editors before they can appear in the search results.

While the staff make sure that the quality of the ads remains above a certain level this manual procedure greatly delays the insertion process and can take several days before we can go online or when we decide to change the quality of an ad.

The offers are completely transparent, which means that everyone knows at any time what they are paying, for that particular keyword, the competitors.

This is useful and damaging at the same time as you can accurately designate the positions of the ad campaign and the knowledge of the 2/3 main competitors can easily lead in an offer war between competitors using an auction raise system for small numbers superior.

-Google Ad words

Google Ad Words is the most important Pay per Click Search Engine Advertising on the Internet, although it is very carefully studied by a competitor. Using the two channels at the same time, it is possible to be practically present everywhere.

Unlike Yahoo! Google is completely automated. The announcement is available in a few minutes. This is a great advantage compared to the previous engine as it is not necessary to wait for the scrutiny of anyone, except in special cases or when trying to use in the ad brands or brands of third parties

Google AdWords, like Overture, does not charge the maximum bid amount but one cent less. On the other hand, AdWords offers are not transparent and advertisers do not have the slightest idea what the others are doing.

-This reduces the threat of bidding wars.

The second benefit of AdWords is that it also includes conversion rate calculations. So an ad can be higher (or lower) than direct competitors not only for the amount but also because you managed to generate a better conversion rate.

AdWords rewards ad text in this way and defends against Spam ads at the same time.

Pay by Click advertising is basically the ultimate sales tool to check out: new ad campaigns, business types and landing pages without spending too much money.

-Pay Per Click Campaign Management

If you have decided to create Pay per Click campaigns to effectively promote your business, to be present immediately in search engines without having to wait for the timing of organic positioning and want to defend yourself from the continuous fluctuations in the SERP contact with us. Call or write us at your disposal to create with you the best and most profitable pay per click campaigns for you .