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Packaging Design Services

Packaging Design Services. Packaging is the so-called “clothing” of the goods; what the consumer first sees before coming into contact with the content. The purpose of packaging is not only to ensure the safety of products, but also in the performance of an aesthetic function. A beautiful packaging design is the key to the successful sale of almost any product.


Development of packaging design in the studio Weprosys ltd.

Advantage over competitors

The development of packaging design is to give the product an additional advantage over competitors in the form of a bright difference. It is from the selected colors and graphic elements that the first impression that the product will produce on the buyer as a whole depends.

The fight against plagiarism

Also one of the tasks of the designer is to create obstacles to the forgery of the developed packaging of the goods. This factor is important; it will become a successful tool for merchandising and selling your brand.

Modern design and construction

The development of a new package of goods begins with a concept, constructs and ends with the embodiment of the first and second in a modern design. Modern can be considered a design that will allocate your goods among competing products, will attract the attention of buyers. In this case, attention will be attracted in a positive sense, i. goods you want to buy. After all, there are a lot of examples where packaging attracts attention, but it does not help buying at all.

Professional team. There are no desolateness in the studio staff – each of the employees is a pro who is really in love with his work. Creative ideas. Our heads are full of original ideas, which await their embodiment in unusual packages for your products.

The qualitative result of the work. The result of the studio’s work is an attractive packaging of products, which stands out against the background of competitive analogues.

Strategic approach. When developing a package design, we take into account all the nuances of further production of the element in order to avoid problems.

Designers of Weprosys Ltd. studio are ready to create original packaging design and consult on all issues of packaging development.

Marketing strategies for packaging

Direct call. It implies a statement about yourself as a worthy alternative to the current market leaders on the basis of a preliminary analysis of the strengths in the design of competitors and the improvement of their style.

Imitation: It aims to achieve the closest resemblance to the leader by using similar design techniques and solutions.

Offensive:  Assumes focusing on the “bottlenecks” of competitors and as a result – the gradual replacement of the weakest opponents from the market.

Infiltration:  A clear demonstration of the advantages of packaging their goods against the backdrop of unsuccessful competitive decisions in design.

Defense:  Strengthen your own positions by timely identifying and eliminating design errors and shortcomings.

If you have a marketer in the company, he is certainly familiar with these strategies and has already decided which one to follow. Designers of the studio are ready to implement any of these strategies in the design. If there is no marketer in the company and you, as a leader, decide everything yourself – it does not matter, we will help you to develop a package design.

The main stages of packaging development in the studio Weprosys Ltd.:

Briefing: The design of packaging begins with communication with the client. The questions of the appearance of packages of competitors, the target audience of the product, priorities in the choice of the packaging concept and limiting factors are discussed.

Technical task: Registration in a single document of all requirements for the design of branded packaging.

Brainstorm: The development of the packaging concept takes place during the brainstorming of the project team. Ideas are collected and discussed. Choose some of the most successful.

Visualization of design concepts: Development of breadboard models of packaging selected at the previous stage.

Choosing the best concept: At the meeting with the client, the options suggested by the designers are considered, and the final layout for finalization is chosen.

Grinding: Bringing the chosen layout to the ideal, the selection of materials for manufacturing and color scale for the product line, if the goods are not individual.

Preparing for printing: The finished layout is preprinted.

6 undeniable packaging design requirements

Principle of concentration:  The image of the product should be simple to understand the buyer and in its creation it is recommended to use a small amount of information elements.

Readability at a distance:  The appearance of the package should encourage the potential consumer to purchase the goods regardless of the location on the rack.

Individuality: Due to the design created, the packaging should be markedly distinguished from the existing competitive counterparts.

Unity of the image: In order to quickly identify the goods with your company when developing the design of packaging, you need to adhere to the general concept of the brand.

Realistic:  It is important that the image on the packaging does not in any way deceive the consumer’s expectations.

Functionality: Any package must fulfill its direct functions – storage of goods and protection against mechanical impact.

Order packaging design in Weprosys Ltd.

The development of packaging begins with a briefing, but first we need to get acquainted, discuss the cost of design and conclude a contract. Therefore, if you are ready to order a stylish package design in the Weprosys Ltd. studio, dial +8801715749788 or use the Contact form.