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Outsourcing call center Weprosys ltd. – solutions for successful business

Since 2015, the Weprosys Ltd. Call Center has been providing services to handle incoming calls, call customers, conduct marketing campaigns, update databases, etc. Large companies have already made sure of the reliability of our solutions. We guarantee uninterrupted operation due to our own technical capabilities, including servers, and unique technologies that can be scaled to any request. Our activity is confirmed by the appropriate licenses.

Incoming calls

-Hot line

-Receiving and processing orders

-Virtual secretary

-Organization of inquiry service

Reduce the cost of receiving phone calls from your customers at the expense of outsourcing Weprosys Ltd. Call Center services. Our operators will answer all incoming questions within 24 hours, provide background information and accept orders. Calls to your customers are free!

-Outgoing calls

-Cold sales

-Calling customers

-Updating the client base

-Carry out surveys

Get the most out of cold sales, inform your customers and conduct surveys, update the client base without distracting your employees from work. All this will be performed by professional operators of outsourcing Call Center Weprosys Ltd.

-Automatic services

-IVR voice menu


-Auto informer

-SMS distribution

Reduce the burden on telephone operators due to the voice menu and auto informer. Inform 4 times more customers using the auto-dialing service and SMS-sending. Automate the process of communication with customers using the services of outsourcing Call Center Weprosys Ltd.

Working with Weprosys Ltd., you are working with the developer of Call Center software and the owner of all necessary infrastructures. What are the advantages of this?


-Fine-tuning the work of the Call Center for your business processes


-Uninterrupted operation of the Call Center is ensured by redundant communication channels

-Full control

Detailed reports, contacts database and listening to audio tapes of conversations in the web-panel


-Working in 24/7 mode

-We are always in touch with your customers, regardless of time of day and day of the week


-The average waiting time for an operator response is only 8 seconds

-Reasonable prices

With a high level of service, we maintain a reasonable pricing policy for our services.


Outsourcing Call Center Weprosys Ltd. provides full control over the process of communication with your customers. All scripts of conversations and textual texts are coordinated with you before starting work.

-Processing of incoming calls.

-Calling customers.

-A single web-panel for managing services.

-Rent of hot lines 8-800.

-Organization of a virtual office.

-Possibility of unloading audio records and database on calls.

About Call Center Weprosys Ltd.

Weprosys Ltd. is a professional Call Center, significantly expanding the possibilities of communications as a business tool. Weprosys Ltd. is part of Wepro group, which ensures its operation by all elements of the infrastructure of one of the leading Bangladeshi IT companies. What does this give our customers?

No call from your customers will not be unanswered

The ability to fine-tune the work of the Call Center for your business tasks

Control and prompt correction by the customer of the work of the Call Center

Easy integration with any CRM

Confidentiality of your data

Call Center Weprosys Ltd. has all the necessary documents for the implementation of professional activities:


Weprosys Ltd. uses innovative technologies in its work, which make it possible to maximize the resources of the Call Center and guarantee the customers the high quality of the services provided.

Telecom – a platform for the work of Call Centers

The advantages that the TeleCom platform provides:

Open API

The detailed API will allow you to easily configure the Call Center platform for your needs.

Self-diagnosis of components.

Monitoring servers in 24/7 mode and prompt removal of possible problems.

Absence of dependence on the quality of the channel and reliability of the work of Internet providers and communications.

Due to the bonding technology (Multione), in the event of a disconnection, instant switching to a backup channel occurs without loss of communication with the subscriber.

Load sharing and capacity reservation.

The load is evenly distributed among several servers. In the event that one of them fails, its function is assumed by the standby server. In this case, there will be no call termination, and the subscriber will not notice any communication interruptions.

Operators can do their work regardless of their physical location.

If the divisions of your Call Center are located in different cities, the Telecom platform will allow them to be combined using intelligent call routing. In addition, cloud technologies allow the operator, in the presence of a stable communication channel, to work anywhere outside the office, including at home.

And: Processing of requests on various communication channels: phone, e-mail, SMS, online-chats.

Create any call processing scenarios with the ability to make rapid changes.

Assigning to each operator properties that are considered when processing calls. So, a call requiring technical information will be redirected to an operator with the necessary competence.

The ability to inform the supervisor about the necessary improvements to the script after the call was made. This allows you to constantly improve the script, adjusting it to the real needs of customers.

Flexibly customizable interface.

The developers of Original Group have considerable experience in solving non-standard tasks related to the organization and configuration of the Call Center. Thanks to this, we have a set of ready-made tools that allow us to choose the optimal solution for any case.