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Outsource Transcription Services

We provide high-quality transcription service for audio and video files in all European languages, including Braille for the blind.

What is transcription?

Transcription is the careful recording of any oral speech, interview, meeting, conversation or report in writing. In other words, our transcription service converts the speech into a written or electronic text document.

Our transcription services

We carry out:

Transcription in the source language: We only transcribe the source text.

Transcription in the language of translation. We simultaneously translate and transcribe in the target language.

Transcription in the language of the source and translation. It consists of both previously mentioned species. This double kit allows you to obtain a document reflecting the written transcription of the source language along with a translation version in the format of two columns containing the audio recording time to facilitate their comparison.

We embrace all

We perform the most frequently occurring types of transcription – medical transcription, legal transcription and intra-organizational transcription, and much more, for example, transcription:

Police interrogations

Court proceedings

Telephone conversations / calls via Skype


All kinds of formats

We can work with any format of audio or video recording of the source, including wav, wma, mp3, mpeg, FLAC and traditional audio cassettes.

Send us an audio recording in the most convenient way for you: in electronic form by e-mail or, if you prefer, physically on record or CD.

Transcription can be provided in the format you need, depending on whether you prefer to work with Microsoft Word, Open Office, Microsoft Works, Google Docs or RTF.

Double check

Weprosys Ltd Translations applies strict quality assurance procedures to all transcription projects, ensuring that they are verified for the accuracy, completeness and consistency of style and format before delivery. During transcription, all documents are treated as confidential and stored in a safe environment.

Our Services:

-Audio Transcription Services

-Video Transcription Services

-Subtitling Services

-Business Transcription Services

-Legal Transcription Services

-Specialized Transcription Services