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Outsource test automation services

The best way to get complete control over the quality of software, optimizing the timing of the product and its cost. Automation of testing process in Weprosys Ltd.

Automation testing helps to reduce the time for checking the quality of IT systems and is suitable for carrying out a variety of regular operations – from simulating the user’s work to creating reports on the status of testing. In addition, the service allows you to perform checks that are not available for manual testing. Automatic tests are developed individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the software product. Thus, the automation of application testing will be different from working with software. But regardless of the type of product, the use of our service will reduce the cost of ensuring its quality and reduce the time of product entry to the market. Depending on the current needs of the customer, Weprosys Ltd. offers 4 types of services:


-Assessment of the need for automation, calculation of business effects, selection of tools.

-Development of automated tests and their support.

-Implementation of turnkey automation: a full cycle of work – from the definition of goals to monitoring the effectiveness of the solution.

-Audit an existing tool, accompany changes to get the maximum effect.

We will help you to efficiently solve complex tasks on the quality of your software.

Functional testing:


-Regression checks

-Preparation of test data

-Localization support


-Web services, API, SDK

-Third-Party Software

-Complex end-to-end scripts


-Cross-browser tests

-Cross-platform tests

-A number of tests for mobile applications


-Uninterrupted operation of critical functionality

-Availability API

-Availability of system services

Automation testing: 6 main advantages

-Cost optimization by reducing the number of manual operations.

-Acceleration of work due to the rapid receipt of necessary information.

-Quality improvement by minimizing the influence of the human factor.

-Optimization of test activities and the release of resources for research testing.

-Productivity increase and acceleration of related activities (data preparation, installation of assemblies, etc.)

-Complete test coverage by conducting checks on various data sets.

The Weprosys Ltd. approach to software testing automation

Long-term projects require an adjusted approach that guarantees a return on investment in automation. We offer a solution based on the universalization of the language for describing test scenarios.

Most auto tests are based on natural language constructs and can be prepared by manual test specialists. Automation of software testing allows you to install and run regular software texts, which gives an additional financial effect.

The work process includes 5 steps:

-Analysis of the test model

-Adaptation of test scenarios, Preparation of a set of keywords

-Test automation based on keywords

-Expanding test suite through the re- use of keywords

-Run tests on a regular Basis.

Basic roles

Designer of automatic tests, Defines keywords and their parameters, creates a Description of the tests,

Including preconditions and post conditions.

Automated Testing Engineer

Develops And maintains the code for Automatic tests.

Infrastructure Engineer

Responsible for the Functioning of the environment For launching tests.

Why do customers choose Weprosys Ltd.?

-20+ automation specialists

-Own Competence Center

-The possibility of implementing turn-key automation

-A wide range of used tools

-Successful use of the service to ensure the quality of more than 100 applications

-9 years of experience in software quality assurance

We also offer:

-Full cycle of testing

-Functional testing

-Compatibility Testing

-Localization testing