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Outsource Software Testing Services

Remote testing of software. Outsourcing of testing. The Weprosys Ltd. team is ready to test your software. Specially for you we will carry out the following types of work:

-Preparation of test documentation

-Conducting testing (both manual and automated)

-Preparation of the reporting documentation on the results of the work performed

-Our specialization is testing WEB applications, however this does not mean that we will refuse to work on other types of applications. Write and we will agree!

The method of testing depends on which approach we will use – Scripted Testing or Exploratory Testing. With the script approach, the availability of documentation for the project is one of the key requirements, because it is on it will be written test case for testing. If there is no documentation or it is “insufficient”, you can apply a research approach based on conducting test sessions on a pre-compiled list of functions that will need to be checked.

In case you need automated testing, we also have something to offer you. Our team employs specialists with experience in working with various automation tools, both with paid (QTP, SilkTest, Rational Functional Tester), and free (Selenium, WATIJ, Htmlunit). We have experience writing not only tests, but also test automation systems. If you are interested, write and we will agree!

Weprosys Ltd. – Software Testing

Weprosys Ltd. is a site dedicated to software testing. Here you will find a lot of useful information about testing, testers, testers and quality assurance engineers, as well as much more related to software development.

Why “Weprosys Ltd.”?

We know that the quality assurance process covers absolutely all the links in the chain involved in software development. We know what quality guidelines to give to beginners this thorny path, as well as those who have already filled more than one lump on it. Competently written templates and instructions, the use of standards and processes, as well as an analysis of completed projects – this is the right way to improve the quality. We know a lot about the documentation and artifacts in testing:

We know different types of testing and testing levels, as well as the phases of software development, where they can be, and most importantly you need to apply.

We know a lot about such a difficult thing as a test design that will help you optimize the number of test cases to increase the test coverage of the required function.

We know how to automate the process of functional and load testing. We have methods, articles and practical tips for testing automation, the follow-up of which will save you from many mistakes, reduce implementation time, increase reliability during operation, and therefore save you money.

Do you need help?

If you need help, then you have come to where you will be helped. Our specialists will provide the following testing and quality assurance services:

-Review and preparation of documentation for testing

-Software testing

-Consultations on testing and software quality assurance

-Assistance in the passage and conduct of interviews (Virtual interview)

-Just contact us on the questions you are interested in: Questions, requests and requests

Our plans

In the near future, you will be provided with Professional Articles, Training, Online consultations on software testing and quality assurance. Also, you will be offered ready-made software products, frameworks and java libraries, the use of which will significantly simplify the testing process and relieve you of a number of problems that faced most testing teams:


Running tests and preparing the results in XML / HTML format (the pilot version is already available JTR – Java Test Runner)

The framework for testing automation (the pilot version is already available ATFwk)

Automatic test case generation

Generating data that meets your requirements

Company Weprosys Ltd. aims to employ workers through the autistic spectrum are high-tech companies to provide services in the areas of software development and testing, software quality assurance and development of hardware testing. Our role is to bridge the growing need for professional and quality manpower with this special population.

Weprosys Ltd. interviews prospective candidates in order to check their suitability to various high-tech companies. Suitable candidates undergo technical training in various subjects, as well as a preparatory workshop on social skills for integration into high-tech companies.

Weprosys Ltd. provides its employees with professional guidance, both technical and social / emotional, in order to ensure continuous work and good integration into high-tech companies.

The service provided by Weprosys Ltd. creates a win-win situation. The autistic population has an employment solution and the technology companies receive professional added value and excellent technological service while contributing to the entire company.

How it works

The Weprosys Ltd. a unique model for employing workers on the autistic spectrum. In this model we support and accompany the employee on a regular and continuous basis throughout his employment in the Company.

In Weprosys Ltd. we classify, equip and accompany (emotional and technological accompaniment) the employees in conducting software tests in full coordination with the company in which the tests are performed.

The emotional accompaniment model we use has been tested and tested with great success in employing the target population in the IDF.

The technological accompaniment is carried out by outstanding technical experts with management ability who lead the activity and are responsible for the harmonious communication between the customer and the employees of Weprosys Ltd. .

Weprosys Ltd. ‘s hiring and training methods have been selected based on experience and success accumulated in companies worldwide (Denmark, USA, Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, UK, Spain, Switzerland and Austria). In it, after classification, training and appropriate guidance, the employees are absorbed in the work, persevere in it, and succeed in making progress.

In Bangladesh, the issue is in its infancy and is also gaining momentum due to an extension order issued a year ago that requires employers to hire workers with physical or mental disabilities in companies employing more workers.

Weprosys Ltd. aims to help people on the autistic spectrum (including Asperger Syndrome) to

Be absorbed and work in high-tech companies by leveraging the unique qualities and abilities of these people. Weprosys Ltd. provides professional added value and technological services at the highest level to technology companies, while providing a suitable employment solution for the autistic population.

As we know, some people on the autistic spectrum are endowed with special qualities and skills:

Excellent memory Continuous concentration and perseverance Order and organization. High level logical and analytical capabilities A unique ability to focus on details and to identify deviations and errors Ability and love to perform organized and planned activities, even if they repeat themselves and continue.

Therefore, this population functions better and better than the general population in the roles that require these characteristics. One of the topics that has been found to be particularly suitable for these features (in addition to many other areas) is QA and software testing.

As mentioned above, thanks to these skills, some people in the autistic spectrum can be excellent software testers.

Our role is to bring together the growing need for professional and high-quality manpower and this special population, thereby creating a win-win situation for both the employer and the employer and for the community.

Company Weprosys Ltd. focuses on the employment of the autistic spectrum in high-tech software testing and software quality assurance. All candidates undergo a placement test and the ability to integrate into the team. Appropriate candidates undergo technical training on the subject of testing and a preparatory workshop on social skills for their successful integration into high-tech companies.

Candidates who undergo the training process successfully and are accepted to work receive technological and emotional guidance throughout the period of their employment. Contacting Weprosys Ltd.