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Outsource Social media monitoring services

Traditionally, the image and reputation of a person was linked only to those activities and personal relationships within a controllable physical environment. In recent years this situation is changing and now there are two aspects: reputation and image offline and digital.

Weprosys Ltd. seeks to support organizations and individuals in monitoring and protecting their active profile on the Internet, understood as the information used and published through social networks.


This service is focused on leaders, politicians, public and private organizations, public figures, campaigns and individuals in general worried about the reputation of their image in cyberspace; for which Weprosys Ltd., in addition to monitoring its profile in social networks, issues recommendations and applies security controls to minimize the risks associated with an impact on its image and reputation.


-Minimize the risk of reputation damage.

-Timely notification of publications previously defined as negative.

-Maintenance of security settings in different social networking platforms.

– Notify brand mentions

– Recognize strengths & weaknesses

– Identify issues

– Classify trends

– Determine threats

– Identify & benchmark social media campaigns

– Devise response to threats

– Share knowledge & expertise

– Manage online reputation

– Shape customer loyalty

– Generate sales & leads