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Outsource SAP Testing service

Do you have SAP in your company? Do transactions run slower than you would like and your users despair? Do you waste your time running the same process over and over again when it could be automated?

At Weprosys Ltd. we specialize in offering software testing and automation services on SAP systems.

Complex functionality:

You have been implementing new functionality for years and adapting SAP to suit your business, and now you have to migrate to a new environment. Ensures that the most complex functionalities work.


Low performance:

Your users no longer know how to tell you – “SAP is slow and I can not work!”; listen to them and avoid excuses, optimize the performance of your SAP system with the Weprosys Ltd. performance tests.

No availability:

When SAP is not available or going slow, your production, billing or many other key processes are sure to be affected. Anticipate problems and monitor your business processes 24/7.

Weprosys Ltd. Testing adapts flexibly and expertly to your needs. Regardless of which modules, versions or configurations of SAP are implanted in your company, Weprosys Ltd. Testing can do the tests.

HP Software and Weprosys Ltd. Testing, the winning combination

The monitoring, management and test automation tools of HP Software are the only 100% approved by SAP.

At Weprosys Ltd., as HP Business Class Partner, we have a high knowledge of these tools and experience in their implementation and use. The quality and capabilities of the HP Software tools combined with our experience and technical level enable us to offer the solutions that allow you to take control of your SAP platform in order to ensure the correct functionality, performance and availability of it.

Are you sure that the developments tailored to your SAP system meet the functional specifications and their prerequisites? Do you doubt if the implementation of new functionalities could have affected the global reliability of the system? Do you fear for the stability of the system every Once you patch or update your SAP platform?

If you have ever faced these doubts and if you want to manage them effectively, performing functional tests is the way. Either to comply with internal SLAs defined in your organization or to ensure that your SAP technology provider is performing its work with the quality levels required by a critical environment such as your SAP platform, the Weprosys Ltd. functional test team will define and execute A functional testing strategy, either manually or automatically, will validate each of the critical transactions using the advanced capabilities of HP Software solutions in this area.

At Weprosys Ltd. we are aware that many of the tasks that analysts, developers and members of the test team execute are repetitive, boring and prone to contain errors.

For this reason, Weprosys Ltd. recommends the automation of processes. Once again the use of HP tools guarantees total support “out of the box” of any SAP system, for this reason Weprosys Ltd. works with HP Unified Functional Testing for complete automation solutions for business processes on SAP environments.

The more critical the business processes that a more critical platform supports is its availability and performance for the business.

Only by changing an SAP transaction can we compromise the overall performance of our platform. The expected power, its complexity and the potential number of users present in this type of environment make the assurance of performance a vital element of any SAP platform. Running performance tests can help us answer the following questions:

Will my SAP system work and will it be scalable when it goes into production? And in extreme conditions such as the closing of the month or summer seasons?

If there is a performance problem, is my team trained to detect the root of it quickly and efficiently?

Am I getting all the possible performance to my hardware infrastructure?

One of the most feared metrics for any SAP system administrator is Mean Time To Resolution. Although in many situations it seems impossible, detecting and diagnosing problems in SAP environments is feasible thanks to HP Diagnostics and the experience of Weprosys Ltd. consultants. HP Diagnostics is a powerful software that allows us to deeply analyze SAP Netweaver and SAP R / 3 applications, even detecting SQL queries that could be slowing down the system, thus reducing the time spent in detecting why our SAP system has problems. The use of HP Diagnostics for SAP allows SAP administrators:

Deepen the transactions, methods and components affected to the maximum in order to detect errors, even in the back-end of SAP R/3.

Provide a complete view of the services hosted in the SAP Enterprise Portal by automatically detecting all the components related to the business processes, also performing their tracking without the intervention of the user. Reduce the time in detecting the bottlenecks of SAP applications.

Provide a breakdown of layers of the SAP R/3 system, allowing to quickly isolate the performance problems and to delegate to the appropriate team the resolution of them.