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Outsource Ruby on Rails Development Services

We create and maintain unique, technically complex and highly loaded web services and start-ups. Do you have a BaaS / SaaS platform or a large e-commerce project? We are here to help and support your rapid growth. A team for a startup, development of prototypes, launching ideas in beta, running an existing web application, or strengthening your development team.

We develop Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Spree, we also use PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Sphinx, Redis, MongoDB, Unicorn, Thin, Amazon Web Services, Coffee Script, HTML5, CSS3.

And yet, why Ruby / Ruby on Rails?

At the moment, Ruby on Rails is the most advanced web development environment. The decisions of competitors lag behind on the average for 2-3 years: what is the norm when developing on rails now, will be the norm in other frameworks and CMS in just a few years. In addition, if rapid prototyping and deployment of non-trivial solutions are required, Ruby on Rails is the first choice candidate.


Code quality standards and convenience of support.

The Rails framework prescribes a clear structure for the project, and the principle of “agreement instead of configuration” allows you to achieve a neat, fast and understandable to any rails developer code that is easy and pleasant to support.


There are legends that developers on ruby ​​on rails are not easy to find or that they cost significantly more than their colleagues on the same PHP, although this is not true. In the Ruby community of programmers, there are really not many low-level specialists, for many Ruby developers – the second or third language. The difficulties with finding professionals are roughly equivalent to those for Java or Python.

At the highest level

Automatic testing, automatic deployment to the server, completely invisible to users, automatic preparation of the whole project to the most optimal work in a “combat” environment, including compression and caching.