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Outsource Plant Design Management System

-Pre-bid Proposal Engineering

-Bid Evaluation Assistance

-Detailed Engineering

-Design and Drafting Services

-3D Modeling and Design

-As-built Documentation

-Piping Design

-On-site Engineering Consultation

PDMS is a qualitatively new technology that has given us the opportunity to manage projects worth billions of dollars. – from detailed design to construction and production launch. Three-dimensional design allows our project and operational staff to work together to eliminate possible collisions of structural elements, verify the safety and performance of the equipment, provide convenient maintenance and take into account the human factor. Innovative technologies generate innovations in activities, for example, simultaneous design and construction, as well as design taking into account the human factor.

Three-dimensional design is widely used throughout the world for several decades, since this approach to design can significantly improve the quality of design work and reduce design time. Currently, the use of three-dimensional design systems is increasingly becoming a mandatory requirement of all customers, as this guarantees not only more efficient implementation of design work, but also the ability to obtain a three-dimensional model for subsequent operation of the facility. In this regard, many leading World companies have decided to use 3D-modeling systems for the design of industrial facilities. Currently, the following companies are successfully using the 3D design system VPD (PDMS) in Worldwide.

PDMS system has been developed for the design of various industrial facilities – from small projects, such as gas compressor stations, field development, to offshore oil platforms, petrochemicals, oil refineries, thermal and nuclear power plants.

Among the main advantages of using PDMS) are:

+ Integration of design data;

+ Standardization of the design process;

+ Modular design, that is, the use of data from previous projects;

+ High quality and visibility of design decisions;

+ reduction of errors in the project and feedback from the construction site to less than 1% due to the functions of checking for conflicts;

+ Simplicity of making changes to the project, mutual consistency of data from all design disciplines;

+ Invariant design;

+ Reduction of labor costs due to the automated production of drawings;

+ Reduction in construction and operation costs.

(PDMS) was developed to support the integrated collaboration of teams of specialists from all design disciplines, traditionally involved in the creation of the project. In order to provide this capability, (PDMS) includes a complete set of specialized design applications:

+ Pipeline design;

+ Design of metal structures;

+ Design of buildings and structures;

+ Creation of supports and suspensions;

+ modeling of stairs, ladders, access zones;

+ Equipment design;

+ Design of panels and plates;

+ Design of cable routes;

+ Design of heating and ventilation systems.

Data exchange with third-party systems:

+ AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, MicroStation and Intergraph PDS 3D;

+ CAM-systems for machining using the STL stereo lithography format;

+ A system for the production of detailed drawings of metal structures using the SDNF format;

+ With leading laser scanning systems;

+ Pipeline load calculation systems, including CAESAR II, Auto PIPE, TRIFLEX, etc. .;

+ Metal structure calculation systems, including STAAD III and GT-STRUDL, etc. .;

+ Leading technologies for processing raster model kits, including HAZMAP (ABSL), MAGAN and 3Dipsos (MENSI) and CYRA.