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Outsource PHP Programming Services

For our clients, we offer a special management system for the AdminNS site, developed by our programmers in php. It allows you to quickly and dynamically change the content of the site. The built-in visual editor is similar to the Word interface, it makes it possible to create almost any page layout without the knowledge of special languages:

To be able to meet the needs of creating complex internet sites it is necessary to have a thorough knowledge of one or more programming languages. Our solutions are developed through the PHP programming language and the Mysql database . Through the development of real online applications we are able to handle most of our customers’ requests.


We are therefore able to create control panels (commonly called CMS) through which it is possible to make the customer autonomous in content management. We have created control panels for the management of real estate agencies, sports clubs, product catalogs, etc.

Programming the site is one of the important stages of creating a website, because it links the layout, design and makes the site more functional. Without programming it is impossible to make an online store, a site with an administration interface, a photo gallery and many other useful modules. Now there are a lot of platforms for programming. Sites program in Perl, PHP, Ajax and other programming languages. Programming the site is a rather laborious process, requiring good knowledge and skills in the work, because from how well programmed the site depends on the correctness of its work.

A programmed site is not only what the visitor sees-web forms, shopping cart, opening pages, administration interface. It is also an internal mechanism with a certain algorithm of operation, which manages the correctness of the transfer of information from the user to the database and back, manages the work of the connected modules, the functionality of the site. On the slang of programmers this mechanism is called the site engine. On how well the site is programmed, the ease of operation of users with the site depends. Our company employs professionals who can make the site both with standard modules, and develop not standard modules at the request of customers.