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Outsource Pharmaceutical Research Services

Weprosys Ltd., Weprosys Ltd., is a leading Bangladesh company in the pharmaceutical research and development sector where it has been operating for over 10 years, performing contract consulting, medical and health research, development and marketing of medical devices and cosmetic products.

In the course of his professional activity, carried out also in similar fields such as biotechnologies and the clinical-health sector, in order to offer his services and advice in the healthcare sector to a growing number of clients, Weprosys Ltd. has activated numerous collaborations with Bangladesh and foreign universities, public and private research institutions and hospitals.

The activity of a young and highly specialized team in different medical-scientific specialties becomes more and more incisive and effective not only for the great orientation to the result of each of the internal and external collaborators of Weprosys Ltd. but also thanks to the many relationships that our company has for years with the main Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) operating in the health and pharmaceutical fields, in the national and international scenario.

Weprosys Ltd. operates as a Contract Research Organization (CRO), a contract research organization that carries out research and development of pharmaceuticals, on its own behalf and, above all, on behalf of other subjects, be they private companies, large pharmaceutical companies, public bodies or hospital facilities.


In practice a CRO is a company that performs many activities of a professional nature, in the technical-scientific, medical and health fields, for a sponsor company that, in most cases, promotes clinical research. This kind of research, which Weprosys Ltd. has been carrying out with passion and professionalism for years, can take shape in the development of new products on a preclinical level, in the organization and management of a clinical study or, again, in marketing and post-marketing of a research activity carried out previously, according to specific guidelines, based on strict protocols, defined and used in the field of pharmaceutical research and development.

Pharmaceutical research and development: Weprosys Ltd. services

Whether it is a large international company or a small research company, often aimed at highly specialized niches, is an organization that offers support to other companies operating within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, providing a wide range of related services in the field of pharmaceutical research and development.

Among the services that Weprosys Ltd. offers as a CRO it is opportune to report:

-the study and development of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, supplements and cosmetics;

-the management of the clinical trial;

-clinical and medical monitoring;

-the management of data and documents, to which statistical studies and reporting activities are associated;

-the legal advice and support in regulatory activities;

-quality control and assurance

-the development of business plans and product marketing;

-the preparation and implementation of training activities in the pharmaceutical sector , on specific –topics or topics closely related to the clinical study conducted;

-Pharmaceutical companies, hospitals or public and private research institutions that promote and -sponsor clinical-health study or clinical trials of a new drug or therapeutic practice can entrust a CRO -with part or all of their skills in the field, while maintaining part of the responsibilities related to study, according to the law in force in the country in which they reside.