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Outsource Perceptual Mapping Services

The perceptual map of positioning is a research technique that, from the point of view of the consumer, serves to know what differential benefits each of the brands offers. And from the point of view of the company, it serves to know in what position the company is in the mind of the consumer to carry out subsequent marketing strategies.

  1. Know your competition.
  2. Know the ideal of your consumers.
  3. Discover new attractive market segments.
  4. Know your position in the market.
  5. What values ​​do consumers associate with the product?
  6. It serves to segment the market.


Weprosys Ltd. perceptual mapping services:

– Brand Positioning

– Cluster Analysis

– Competitor Analysis

– Concept Evaluation

– Identifying New Market Opportunities

– Identifying Potential Customers

– Market Segmentation

– Positioning Analysis

– Product Positioning

– Trend Analysis