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Outsource Patent Landscape Analysis Services

Patent landscapes (patent landscape) are a modern means for analyzing and presenting the results of patent research using innovative imaging technologies. Work on patent landscapes – patent mapping – includes statistical and intellectual analysis of patent documents with a view to drawing a picture reflecting the technical and legal state of developments in a particular field of technology in a particular region or worldwide.

When patent landscapes may be necessary.

– Development and introduction of new technologies,

– Justification of the need to invest in innovation,


– Output of products to the internal or external market,

– Purchase and sale of intellectual property.

Advantages of patent landscapes:

  1. Unique information.

It is established that more than 80% of the information contained in patent documents (patents, applications, etc.) can not be found in other sources of information.

  1. Objectivity of the results

Patent publications contain up-to-date information on the latest developments in all areas of technology. With the right approach, patent mapping makes it possible to obtain the most objective data on the current state of technical fields and the prospects for their development.

  1. Saving resources when making the most important decisions.

Patent landscapes help to minimize risks when making strategic decisions related, in particular, to the development and implementation of new technologies, the development of new product markets, the transfer of intellectual property, etc.

  1. Visual presentation of the results.

Patent landscapes provide the most convenient form for the perception of information, which will be understood by both specialists and persons who do not have knowledge in the field under investigation.

  1. Advantages over competitors.

Patent information is a powerful tool in the conduct of business and provides an opportunity to always be one step ahead of its competitors.

What information can be obtained from patent landscapes?

Depending on the research objectives, patent landscapes allow:

– identify the leading countries in the development and implementation of technologies,

– To analyze the inventive activity in various countries lately,

– identify the main competitors in the field of technology,

– to establish the technical level of development of the study area as a whole, as well as its individual aspects,

– identify key developments in the area under investigation,

– To establish the basic directions of development of technology,

– assess the prospects for innovation,

– identify promising markets for products or technologies,

– determine the legal aspects associated with the use of developments and much more.