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Outsource Online Market Research Service

Knowing the market in which it operates is essential. Research conducted using digital methods also allows small businesses and small communication and marketing initiatives to benefit from knowledge of the sector, trends, competition, the dynamics that influence consumption, the purchase of services, participation in events, to deepen the knowledge of your target, to identify new ideas, to improve a communication project and the design of products and services, to evaluate the results obtained.



There are many potentialities of online research for a business, a communication campaign, for an event, for the promotion of a territory and for many other sectors: study of competition, identification of the target and description of strengths and weaknesses; study of the best practices to be inspired and description of the market on which to position and to differentiate; the identification and identification of the target of one’s own activity or service and of one’s own audience to devise more focused, targeted and effective marketing strategies; general description of the market through research and integration of available data sources (secondary analysis); identification of trends and determinants of consumption in a certain sector, through secondary analysis, recourse to scientific literature on the subject, netnography, questionnaires and other digital research techniques .

Market research and online marketing can help you make safer decisions and outline more effective strategies. It allows you to avoid risks and easily avoidable threats, when you have the right information, and to take advantage of the best opportunities.

The digital market research and marketing can help you save money, time, to invest strategically, to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The cognitive problems to which digital research can answer are numerous. For each, the most appropriate method and research techniques allow to achieve the best result.


Research based on ethnographic methods in a digital environment


Social Media Intelligence and research based on digital media data


Secondary research, collection and reorganization of strategic information in various sectors

Weprosys Ltd. is the digital research laboratory entirely dedicated to the analysis of Open Data: Social Media Intelligence , Digital Ethnography, Social Network Analysis, questionnaires, secondary research on online sources and data-sets. Among the areas of applied research: market analysis and online marketing, data driven optimization of online communication strategies.