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Outsource Network Management Services

The digital transformation invests every aspect of the business and the managers of the corporate infrastructures must be able to react quickly to fully grasp the innovative drive of technology. Virtualization and the shift from being dependent on specific hardware and software platforms to the concept of managed service has become a formidable competitive weapon and even network infrastructures do not escape this principle. Outsource the implementation and management of geographic network services can give a decisive turn in terms of speed and ability to keep up with innovation.

With the Weprosys Ltd. Managed Networks service you can visualize the indicators of your network in real time, having at your disposal trained personnel that guarantees the continuity of your telecommunications infrastructure. Responsible for monitoring, managing and proactively managing your network. It has specialists, processes and tools to maintain the highest level of performance.



Fault management:

Detection, registration and troubleshooting, as well as problems of operation in the network.

Configuration management:

Management of inventories and configurations of network equipment.

Performance management:

Measurement and collection of statistical information on the operation parameters of the equipment and links to determine the performance of the network.

Reduction of operational risks:

Dedicate the resources of your company to key business activities and leave the operation of your network in the hands of specialists.

Business continuity:

Through proactive monitoring and timely diagnosis, it guarantees the availability of your network.

Efficiency in the administration of resources:

Through the measurement metrics of network performance you can optimize and streamline your resources.

Costs reduction:

For a monthly rent, it has the management tools, infrastructure and trained personnel.

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It is increasingly important to link the information of the different areas that allows us to obtain a joint vision of the business. Monitoring and network applications allow us to control infrastructures to adapt them to new services.


We provide infrastructure management solutions that significantly improve  IT operations by providing a proactive view of potential problems that can be produced as well as tools for product analysis.

In such a competitive context as the current one, our customers need to focus their efforts on the business, ensuring that the systems in which it is supported do not incur additional costs.

Aligned with current market trends, Indra emphasizes key concepts such as User Experience Control with systems that allow assessment of this experience and identify potential problems in the IT value chain within the organization.

We offer the ability to provide the customer with access to network monitoring tools to achieve its control / operation. This type of service reduces the costs associated with the deployment and maintenance of OSS tools.

Our offer

-Deployment of the element management systems of different technologies of management systems of different technologies (WI-FI, ToIP, red LAN, WAN network …)

-Deployment of general network management systems

-Integration of management systems into complex architectures that significantly improve the network operation

-Deployment of the Control Systems of the User’s Final Experience

-Consulting Systems that allow us to direct our customers towards management solutions that optimize the costs of the operation

-Evolution of already installed Control Systems