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Outsource Moodle development services

Moodle the optimal solution for your e-learning platform. Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment), is an informative environment for modular and dynamic learning,  with which it is possible to manage courses and training projects on the net , leaving to the students educational tools able to reinforce their learning, as a forum , blogs, chats, glossaries and quizzes. Furthermore, Moodle’s approach is  multilingual and with the possibility of being customized.



It is used by various educational institutions of various levels (primary schools, secondary schools and university departments), but not only, there are more and more public administrations and private companies to make use of the Moodle e-learning solution , to train employees and update them remotely. Finally he manages to recreate a classroom, an environment dedicated to training and teaching.

What are the advantages of Moodle?

Benefits for the teacher:

-Possibility to create unlimited courses

-Organize courses aimed at the needs of each individual user

-Keep track of the path of the students and their results

-Reduced management costs for the entire training facility

Benefits for the user:

– Multi-device interface and easy to use

– Possibility to consult the lessons at any time

– Possibility to download the lessons

– Interaction with other students and teachers

Why choose?

E-learning solutions with Weprosys Ltd. Moodle. Discover 3 good reasons why choose this service…

  1. Pre Analysis, maintenance and upgrade

We are able to manage an e-learning project in Moodle during construction and development, but we are also able to maintain and improve it according to the client’s needs.

  1. Flexibility

Moodle is an extremely flexible tool with excellent margins for customizing features.

  1. Modularity

It allows the user to develop additional features thanks to its modular system.