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Outsource Mobile Application Testing Service

The customer’s expectation today is clear: having a homogeneous and positive experience, regardless of the device you use to access your site or app, whether it’s mobile, tablet or desktop. To meet this expectation, you will need to pay special attention during the project to the mobile user experience, to optimize the performance of your apps.

Naturally true multi channel compatibility introduces a whole new set of challenges, such as offering the same experience to the user across different platforms, browsers, servers and languages.


Furthermore, the fact those mobile devices are easily lost or stolen makes security and user identification even more problematic.

The solution is to set up automated testing for multi channel mobile applications from the beginning, then inserting it into all phases of planning and development of a project and avoiding problems that could delay the launch.

Our approach to testing mobile applications

Mobile application testing is complex due to the many factors and circumstances that affect each user’s performance and experience. This is why we strongly recommend testing mobile applications at all stages of development: it is much more difficult to intervene on a completed project to ensure that it is compatible with mobile applications.

Examples of typical testing situations for mobile applications:

-Validate on multiple browsers

-Legislative compliance and usability

-Security and protection measures offered by firewalls

-Different levels of end-user skills

-Different mobile models, platforms and locations all over the world

Our mobile application testing laboratory allows us to test the full range of platforms, devices and operating systems, giving you the confidence to launch applications ready for the market and designed for mobile accessibility.

Ready for mobile

We help you plan and test mobile compatibility from conception to completion of the project

Increased applications and intense competition have increased the quality and experience of the user, so you need to perform mobile tests to be sure of the quality of your APP Often you have a very limited budget to do so. Fortunately, every challenge presents an opportunity, and a vast set of tools will give us valuable support. A fundamental question, however, is “what to test? “Most traditional software focuses on functional testing and performance, ensuring that the system does what it was designed for; given the strong tendency to develop simple applications, surely these tests are extremely easy to carry out.