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Outsource Media Research Services

Before defining what media research as such is, we will talk a little about the meanings of your words separately.

Research: Which aims to expand scientific knowledge, without pursuing in principle, any practical application. Do errands to discover a thing. Perform intellectual and experimental activities in a systematic way with the purpose of increasing knowledge about a certain subject.


Means: Communication vehicles that are paid to present an advertisement to the target audience. They usually designate the television and radio networks, the stations that have news reporters and the publications that disseminate news and publicity.

The advertising media are the channels through which messages are transmitted. Choosing the best media for a campaign is a very important function; It is necessary to know well the benefits that each channel offers to the audiences to which they are directed and to the products that are going to be publicized.

The general study of the media (EGM) has more than 30 years of uninterrupted existence. Studies of media and its audience have not always existed; They are relatively recent. They were born because, and when, that’s what advertising demanded. And they continue to do so because advertisers and agencies continue to demand them. The information about the audiences is essential for the purchase of space and time.

Nobody had considered measuring the circulation of newspapers until the advertisers appeared on the scene and wanted to know why they paid the rates that the media demanded.

In the print media what really counts for advertising, for the advertiser, are the readers: how many and who read -or will they be able to read- my ad. And on the radio are the listeners, not those who live in the coverage area of ​​the station. And on television they are the television viewers, not the homes with television or the devices turned on.

So, because advertisers and agencies still demanded it, we had to refine the information, to know specifically who reads us, listens to us or sees us, or can read, listen and see us. However, although demanded by advertisers and agencies, the investigations of hearings have also become essential for the media.

It is advertising that demands audience studies; but once these exist, it turns out that the media themselves their directors and editors, their programmers, their managers realize that they are also interested in knowing who read or listen to them or see them. To know their importance of their successes if their opinions are shared, if they have followers, how they are ultimately, to know what to expect … And to get to make profits.

Newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, all aspire to maximize their audiences. Because today success with audiences marks business success. The media can not be passed without doing audience studies (market studies would be good to call them for them).

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