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Outsource Market Research Surveys

Market research is a key success factor for companies. We are a full-service market research company. We operate both in Italy and abroad in all sectors. We carry out both qualitative and quantitative research.

With the contribution of our market research and analysis, the client companies are always able to obtain a wealth of information, which allows them to make the most appropriate and effective decisions, with positive repercussions on profitability and market shares. This is why our market surveys are high added value.

Our research is always “tailored” because every company has specific and unique needs and we do everything to satisfy them and to contribute to their success.


We have:

– for face-to-face interviews> a vast network of interviewers that covers all Local regions in a capillary manner

– for telephone interviews (CATI)> different interviewers who speak various foreign languages, some of which are specialized in the B2B sectors.

Weprosys Ltd. is the only Bangladeshi market research company that is part of other Big Survey company. We are therefore organized to carry out market research all over the world (international research), ensuring a very high quality standard everywhere.

In addition to carrying out ad hoc market research, we offer marketing consultancy services to companies operating in business-to-business sectors and corporate training courses.

With our market research we help companies to define and develop winning strategies. We are organized to carry out market research all over the world.

Our surveys are always reliable, clear, concrete and full of decision-making thanks to the use of particularly effective tools, the result of the optimal combination of two factors:

  1. thirty years of experience in companies in all sectors
  2. the right dose of methodological and technological innovations

Weprosys Ltd. has always carried out periodic customer satisfaction surveys on behalf of companies in all sectors. To companies that need continuous surveys, we also offer an operational platform that allows you to effectively manage relationships with customers in order to determine a truly positive Customer Experience.

It is an instrument – tailored to the individual company – that optimizes the process of collecting, organizing and analyzing customer reviews.

Thanks to the use of a particular statistical analysis, which has a high degree of predictability, this platform clearly identifies the most important processes for customers and the activities to be carried out to determine a real continuous improvement of the Customer Experience, with positive consequences for level of turnover and profitability.

Our market surveys designed to help clothing and accessories companies to develop winning strategies

It is a methodology that allows us to choose the optimal collection to offer to the market by being helped by consumers belonging to the target segment in all the countries of interest. This survey makes it possible to:

– identify (before presenting them to agents and retailers) products with good sales potential

– discover potential best-sellers to promote

– calibrate procurement orders, reducing inventory risk.

The objective of this research is to discover the real positioning that a certain brand has managed to conquer (compared to its competitors) in the target market segment.

The main information that is provided for each brand analyzed are: reputation, image, ownership, recent purchases, profile of the owners. All essential information to understand if the real positioning corresponds to the desired one or not and to define the most appropriate strategies for the future

The objectives of this survey are as follows:

– to identify the positioning that a given brand has in dealerships (in absolute terms and with respect to competitors)

– to know the opinions of retailers on the latest collections and on relations with the company supplying the brand in question

It is a package of investigations designed to help the chain stores to develop winning strategies. The main information provided is as follows:

– the value of the banner (reputation, image, appeal)

– the ability of the shops to fully satisfy or not the needs of the people who come in to make purchases

– the estimate of any missed sales and factors that determine them .

Performing market research in business-to-business areas, that is, on industrial goods and services, is much more complicated than doing it in other sectors and requires the use of very particular approaches.

12 years of experience, we would like to underline that all the market research conducted by Weprosys Ltd. are really “special”, in-depth and rich in strategic indications.

Each phase of the process is studied and implemented using special precautions, which is why we have defined our B2B Premium Research approach.

For many companies, the biggest challenge is to be able to enter the GD – GDO chains. In fact, these are complex structures, difficult to approach without the support of adequate tools and robust arguments. Over the years, our company has developed a special market research package to help companies effectively approach GD – GDO

Other ad hoc market surveys

We also carry out “tailor-made” market research to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can help you if you want:

– carry out a market analysis to know the characteristics of the market / sector in which you operate or in which you want to enter

– understand the characteristics, behaviors and opinions of users and non-users of a product or service ( U & A – Usage & Attitude Study ) to find out if there are opportunities for market development and how to exploit them

– identify an interesting segmentation of the market to be able to position your company or your brand or product in a winning way

– etc.