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Outsource IT Staffing services

In today’s market, it is necessary to respond quickly to rapidly changing developments. The focus is shifted to the development of information technology, because the speed of adoption and the validity of management decisions directly depend on the quality of the functioning of IT services, the effectiveness of computer technology and software.

Optimal management of IT resources is becoming increasingly important. Key business processes can not be implemented without clear interaction and the smooth operation of a number of IT services. Even a short-term suspension of the postal service or, for example, the database leads to disruption of the enterprise and significant financial losses.


Questions arise: how to ensure the required quality of the corporate information system and at the same time minimize the costs of providing IT services? How to improve the responsiveness to the changes that occur, accelerate the resolution of emerging technical problems, ensure the availability of IT services and not increase the total cost of ownership of information resources?

Obviously, it is economically inexpedient to solve all the technical problems that arise independently: device and program failures are relatively rare, and for their elimination it is required to contain a large staff of highly qualified specialists with knowledge of various hardware and software. A rational solution is to entrust the servicing of certain IT services of an organization that has the experience and all the necessary resources for effective technical support.

What the SLA gives

A key role in outsourcing part of the management of the information system is the Service Level Agreement (SLA). The SLA specifies the structure of the work to be done, defines metrics that allow you to quantify the quality of IT services (for example, maximum application downtime, recovery times for services). The company Weprosys Ltd. supports all types of standards of this agreement.

The conclusion of an SLA can be preceded by an audit of IT processes and information systems, identification of the most significant services. Unconditional implementation of the SLA ensures the necessary quality of the critical information resources for the enterprise. In addition, the involvement of freelance professionals reduces the cost of maintaining IT staff and supporting the operational elements of the information infrastructure.

Advantages of cooperation with Weprosys Ltd..

Weprosys Ltd. has a solid experience in providing technical assistance to enterprises, creating and supporting the main functions of Service Desk – technical support.

Weprosys Ltd. guarantees the required quality of IT services, ensures the health of the hardware and the operational capability of mission-critical platforms and applications, preventing and promptly eliminating technical problems.

Outsourcing of technical support significantly reduces the cost of IT infrastructure and personnel.

Weprosys Ltd. offers two main options for outsourcing (IT outsourcing and outsourcing technical support).

The first involves the work of Weprosys Ltd. specialists on the customer’s premises, which perform the work stipulated in the SLA and provide the required level of quality of IT services. Personnel selection and HR policy are provided by HR department of Weprosys Ltd..

In the second case, the support of IT services is implemented by the Central Technical Support Service of the Weprosys Ltd. in a remote mode. Together with the customer, the relationship between IT infrastructure and business processes of the organization is determined, and a catalog of services is compiled. Quality of work is assessed using the quantitative characteristics defined in the SLA. The cost of these services depends on the level and number of problems to be solved, the time frame and the individual characteristics of each contract.

Outsourcing of IT staff.

We provide services for such IT professionals as:

-User support specialists, system administrators

-Database and business application administrators

-Operators of call-centers

-Specialists in data transmission, communication and active equipment

-Information security administrators

-System architects

-IT project managers, CIO

Advantages of outsourcing IT staff:

-Permanent presence of specialists on the territory of the customer (Full Time Onsite).

-There are both standard and individual work schedules available for specialists on weekends and holidays

-Replacement of a staff specialist for the period of absence (for example, during vacation, training or illness)

-Subscription service by telephone consultations, remote administration and guaranteed speed of appearance of specialists on the customer’s premises (for example, Next Business Day Response or 4 Hours Response)

-Service on an incident basis – at the request of the Customer

-Organization of technical support.

-Technical support services include:

-Audit of information systems;

-Constant monitoring of the state of systems, recommendations for improving their productivity, stability and security;

-Support for users and applications, the departure of specialists to the customer;

-A menu for the time of repair of failed components (specified by additional annexes of the contract);

-Consultations and staff training.

In the technical support work, the Weprosys Ltd. relies on the recommendations and methodologies of the ITIL / ITSM best practice library, which is the de facto standard in the management of the quality of information services.

This allows you to optimize the most important processes associated with the technical support of users and services:

Restoration of the health of IT services and minimization of the consequences of failures on the company’s business (incident management);

Analysis of applications and incidents to diagnose the deficiencies of the IT infrastructure and plan their elimination (problem management);

Accounting for changes in the system and their impact on various components of the information infrastructure (change management);

Building an infrastructure or service model by identifying, tracking, supporting and verifying existing elements of the information system (configuration management).

Providing technical support is a process consisting of several stages. Initially, all customer requests flock to a single point – the Central Call Center. Service engineers register applications and on their own try to eliminate incidents. If necessary, experts are connected to the solution of problems, the most competent in the areas related to the problems of the customer. Experts are united into working groups, consisting of specialists from various fields, for example, server systems, network operating systems, mail services, ERP systems, personal workstations, office equipment, etc.

In exceptional cases, specialists of hardware and software manufacturers are involved in solving the most difficult problems. At all stages, service engineers of the Technical Support Service monitor the decision-making process and provide information communication with the customer.