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Outsource IT staffing services for web developers

For over 10 years, Weprosys Ltd. works alongside companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and freelancers to build, together with them, successful communication. Weprosys Ltd. believes that the irreplaceable driving force of development is the competitive osmosis between organisms that learn by transmitting, mutually, techniques, values ​​and lifestyles; that every idea should develop into dynamic and open concepts capable of communicating skills, values, emotions and a sense of belonging to a community; that the creativity of a good player increases the more he is able to excel in defining and enhancing the ethical boundaries of his actions.


Web Design & E commerce:

Website creation services on Open Source CMS (Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Blogger, Thumblr, etc.) and creation of Ecommerce websites (Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart, etc.).

Development of ad-hoc Web Applications, Web Services, APIs, integrations with third-party software and / or complex systems. SEO optimization aimed at favoring search engine ranking. Web hosting and housing services. Analysis and development of databases on relational databases.


Client-side Technologies:  with an experience of over 10 years on web development, we use all the most widespread existing technologies (html5, php, javascript, css3, etc.), with particular attention to the latest technological frontiers, experimenting with new libraries and tools to maximize the expressive power of the implemented projects, with particular attention to performance and safety.

Programming Languages:  our IT expertise allows us to select the most appropriate technological stack for each project; multiple programming languages ​​used: C, C ++, Java, Python, Ruby, PHP, XHP, HACK, ASP.NET, ASP, JavaScript, Perl, etc.

DBMS:  we have the necessary skills to choose, manage, design and develop the most appropriate technology for every project that contemplates the implementation of classic open source relational databases or even modern no-sql or new-sql database clusters.

Graphics, Multimedia, Banners, Animations

Branding and web identity. Creative activities in the field of multimedia and advertising graphics: graphic services, creation of logos, slogans, web animations, web banners, posters, brochures, brochures, posters, advertising banners, company product catalogs.

Rich media design and multimedia: HTML5, Flash, Java, Gif animation, VR – Virtual Reality, Multimedia user interface design.

Modeling and 3D Rendering: 3D graphics, object design, 3D web animations, interior and exterior settings, stands, fairs, exhibitions, architecture and engineering projects, virtual landscapes.

Photo Editing : photomontage, photo editing, digital effects.

Animations: virtual tours, video clips, animations of objects and mechanical parts, animation of virtual characters, web animations.

Applied Art Studies & Design.

Illustration and drawing activities

Creation of presentations, animations and multimedia films: creation of DVD titles, movies and multimedia animations for cinemas, interactive multimedia courses, slides for company and institutional presentations.

Digitization, editing and web engineering of animations and multimedia films .

Production and video post production. Artistic, commercial, interactive, scenographic multivision installations.

Mobile App Development

App Development for Smartphones and Tablets with native or cross-device technologies for Apple iOS, Android or Windows, UI & UX Design.

Assistance with AppStore, Google Play and Windows Store.

Customized software analysis and development services: management, monitoring and control, client server applications.

Application software customization.


Programming Languages: XAML, .NET, Java, C #, Swift, C, Objective-C, C ++, Cross Platform frameworks such as Cordova, Unity3D, Angular2, Dart, etc.

Web Consulting, IT & Communication

Strategic Marketing Services (analysis of markets, segments, competitive advantage levers, SWOT analysis) and Innovation Management.

Design of Marketing, Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM and Personalized Social Web Marketing plans, brand building activities, brand awareness and online brand reputation .

Activities and Training Courses in the following subjects: Web Design, Graphics, Web / Social Marketing, Photography, Direction and Video Editing, Multimedia.