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Outsource IT staffing services for SEO, SEM & SMO

Weprosys Ltd. is an outsource IT Staffing company that supports its customers to make their business channel work on the web in an excellent way. We provide strategic advice by meticulously analyzing the potential obtainable through the creation of a digital identity . we start from the development of a creative concept for each of our customers and provide a coordinated image of all the principals and communication materials that best represent it, create usable and usable web and mobile platforms , manage optimization projects for search engines and search engine marketing even on an international scale, we know how to get the best out of social media marketing activities and we design web advertising projects with a result orientation and return on investment!

For us, the customer is at the center of everything we do, we love to involve and train him and for this we guarantee an account manager able to facilitate the flow of communication.


IT staffing services for SEO, SEM & SMO:

SEM (Search Engine Marketing or “search marketing”) is a series of marketing activities that are aimed at promoting the site. This is the most effective approach to the promotion of your representation (site) on the Internet, as it combines the complex of search optimization of the project and its contextual advertising. You can say that SEM = SEA + SEO.

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is a so-called contextual advertisement, an advertising block that is visible to users on search pages or on major thematic portals. In runet contextual advertising is represented by Yandex.Direct, Begun, Google Edsens. This method is effective in that you attract targeted visitors. Minus, and rather big, is that as long as you pay, visitors go to the site, stop paying – and the flow runs low. In addition, studies show that in many subjects the level of user confidence in contextual advertising is constantly decreasing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a series of actions that are aimed at improving the indexing of the site and its visibility in the search engines, namely: code optimization, work with tags, usability, optimization content, buildup of reference mass. Website optimization is always aimed at long-term effect, and in general for confident and stable companies is much more effective than SEA.

SMO (Social media optimization) is an optimization in social media. This type of promotion is similar to SEO, but is aimed at promoting the site in social networks by increasing the reference mass from blogs, forums, communities, etc. Basically it is the work on unique, interesting content and site design, its usability (user-friendliness) .

SMM (Social media marketing) – is the promotion of the site in social services through the publication of fresh interesting materials in communities, forums, social. networks. Is in constant communication with users, hidden advertising of your goods and services. It is possible to use audio and video materials. Do not forget that SMM means working on your credibility as the author of the site and messages, as well as working on the site itself.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are two activities to be considered complementary and are of fundamental importance for obtaining targeted traffic and gaining visibility in the comparisons they seek using keywords mainly on Google.

Weprosys Ltd. has a team dedicated to SEO able to work in multiple languages ​​and we use an ethical approach that does not involve risks of incurring penalties whose purpose is to generate not only increases in organic and sponsored traffic but to improve the positioning of “strategic keywords” adopting all the necessary measures to facilitate the conversion of traffic into quantifiable objectives.


Our interventions in the field of SEO are strongly modular and tailored on the basis of customer needs and on the potential of the site being optimized. We can intervene with “off-page” and “on-page” activities, supporting the customer and giving indications and technical solutions to implement or, where possible, intervening directly on the CMS (Content Management System).In any case, our activity involves the assignment of a dedicated SEO specialist and a telephone “hotline” to guarantee adequate support.

An SEO activity, more or less laborious, has three main moments:

Pre-SEO analysis: a work that involves a meticulous analysis of the existing situation aimed at establishing the potential of a site and above all the group of strategic keywords on which to focus even more on possible competitors on search engines.

Optimization: the activities and the semantic arrangements that must be implemented to make the site appealing to search engines. This phase includes the revision of the site’s architecture and its navigation paths, the user experience, the personalization of elements such as titles, photos and meta information, the structure of internal links and taxonomy, the structure of html code and CSS , the weight of the pages and the speed of navigation and much more.

Support activities: operations such as “link building”, the creation of site maps optimized for Google Sitemaps, registration to Google Places and other interventions able to favor the correct indexing of the site.

The positioning: specific semantic and editorial operations (ex: “content density”, “tag strategy”, etc.) aimed at positioning the keywords deemed more strategic. During the development of the projects we guarantee the maximum availability to support the customer during all these phases and provide periodic reports able to highlight the results in terms of traffic, positioning and, where required, conversions in objectives.


The purchase of paid keywords is in our view preparatory to an SEO activity able to obtain results. The first rule is to buy keywords for which you cannot position yourself due to too high competition or simply due to insufficient content.

Search Engine Marketing is an analytical operation in which it is important not only the initial choice of groups of keywords to promote and the types of textual or graphic creativity to be used to push the click through rate but also and above all the subsequent bidding and refining activity whose purpose is to obtain the most effective cost per conversion.

We dedicate a SEM specialist to the customer who, after an adequate analysis aimed at identifying the types of keywords and the structure of the campaign, will proceed to its subsequent optimization with the aforementioned objective.

Monthly detailed monthly reports will be prepared to show the customer the feedback obtained and highlight the ROI (return on Investment) and its progressive improvement.

Since this activity is strongly linked to the ergonomics of landing pages. Their optimization to favor the conversion rate is considered by the Weprosys Ltd. team an integral part of a Search Engine Marketing project.


The marketing carried out on the various social networks available is a complex and complex operation whose goal is to make the most of the viral effects of social networks to propagate information about a brand, a service and in general about specific actions that you want let users do.

It is necessary to adequately plan a campaign by planning its presence on social networks, identify the appropriate tools and resources and set up the necessary “buzzing” and Internet PR activities in order to promote the propagation of messages by leveraging their virality and on the ability to generate positive interactions.

Before activating on social networks, we carry out appropriate “social check” to analyze the reputation and, where necessary, carry out rationalization activities on the existing presence. Subsequently we establish, in consultation with the client, the rules that will govern the community that we intend to build and the objectives we want to achieve, preparing the necessary listening tools and the resources for periodic reporting.

In fact, “social search” is a type of search for a specific brand or service that takes place thanks to the contribution and the interconnections of users. The purpose of these campaigns is therefore to “turn on the fuse” to ensure a follow-up of users “testimonials” able to influence other users in a positive way.


The facebook numbers speak for themselves. After breaking through the wall of one billion registered and highly profiled users, Facebook is as if it were the third country in the world by population.

It is an essentially playful place where, however, the average time spent by users is high and where it is possible to structure a very complex identity. Weprosys Ltd.’s experience on this social network is very strong and we are able to realize customized Facebook pages with applications that can convert traffic into objectives (“like”, surveys, couponing, ecommerce, competitions, etc.). ). Technical knowledge of Facebook’s “Open Graph” allows us to create innovative and highly customized applications for the objectives of each individual campaign.

Beyond that we have a team of “social marketers” able to manage the Facebook page with the intent to propagate messages, photos and videos that can solicit the favor of users and get positive interactions (“like”, shares and comments) and facilitate the achievement of the objectives.

The proposals regarding the marketing activities on Facebook include finally the possibility of creating and running advertising campaigns using the resources made available by the social network. Facebook is an “open” system and often the creation of a presence on this social network is integrated with the client’s site and with structured blog marketing activities.


Twitter is one of the most effective and fastest means of communication available on the web. Thanks to the fact that it is not possible to follow a user without being followed (something that does not happen on Facebook), the messages of 140 characters travel effectively internationally and it is possible to evaluate trends and trends in an extremely truthful way.

An effective PR strategy on Twitter can bear fruit if properly elaborated and integrated with the other web resources that the customer has at his disposal (his own website, his blog, Facebook page, etc.). Our interventions include the editorial management of its presence on Twitter, which aims to achieve a good positioning among the relevant “hash tags”, obtain mentions and interactions able to effectively propagate its brand or service, as well as obtain retweets. from other users.

The quantitative objective is to obtain “followers” spontaneously, through continuous interaction with other users and through the targeting of users to be followed. The qualitative objective is to obtain consensus from users in line with our target and opinion leaders of the reference market (influencer) through the dissemination of information “socially strategic” able to make us authoritative and improve the reputation of the brand or customer services.


With almost 200 million registered users, Linkedin is the leading international professional social network. It is a place where it is important to articulate a structured presence both on a personal level and for one’s own activity.

We are able to optimize the identity of customers through the features provided by the social network both for what concerns the employer branding and both creating and managing groups with the aim of generating interest and credibility in a vertical way.

the possibility of profiling users in a very precise way, it is possible to generate and animate communities on very specific business topics and then establish themselves as authoritative actors able to solve problems and provide free advice and advice. Elements that play a fundamental role in the pre-sale phase.


Veicolare coupon or “specials” through the main Social Network that uses geolocation (FourSquare), make the most of the potential of Google+, promote image sharing on Pinterest and much more.

There are many resources that can provide excellent feedback and contribute to the propagation of information that can generate consensus and interactions, positive “noise” and appreciation. Depending on the needs of the customer we evaluate the most appropriate strategy and evaluate the tools to be used.


Compiling your company website with a blog means giving yourself the opportunity to communicate with users and more effectively communicate news, characteristics of their services, values ​​and all that can positively influence their potential client or partner. “Blogging” does not therefore simply mean “writing” but interacting with other bloggers in your industry, getting mentions and inbound links and generating value through a window on the web.

Weprosys Ltd. is able to create and manage editorially blogs taking care of the dissemination of content through integration with social networks, the revival of news through resources of social publishing and through the use of writing techniques “SEO” able to allow a correct presence of news in search engines and news aggregators (Google News, Liquida, 24/7, Technorati etc.).

The activity of “blog marketing” can be delegated to Weprosys Ltd., which is able to dedicate expert bloggers who interact with the external communication staff of the customer or through consultancy and training services that can be tailor-made.