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Outsource IT staffing for WordPress developers

WordPress & Weprosys Ltd. are an inseparable binomial. For years our Company has chosen to focus on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) for its undoubted quality in terms of performance, versatility and ease of use for the end customer.

With about 16 million sites based on the WordPress platform, this CMS has now become a technological standard for the management of online content and we at Weprosys Ltd. have acquired in-depth knowledge of this platform that we are able to customize in every aspect according to the customer needs.



Below is a list of the main services offered by Weprosys Ltd. in WordPress Consulting?

-WordPress customization

-Creation of WordPress Plugins

-Realization Themes for WordPress

-Assistance on technical problems (plugins not working, conflicts between plugins, problems with the configuration of the Server, etc)

-Performance tuning to optimize Web Server and plug-in configuration for the site to improve its PageSpeed ​​speed scores

-Transfer WordPress Website

-WordPress training

WordPress customization

Do you need to create a function not provided in the “core” of WordPress or a particular plugin?

Weprosys Ltd. is able to develop what you need to implement within your WordPress installation  by creating the new  WordPress features  you need from scratch .

The level of customization WordPress is almost total, here are some examples:

Customization of plugins (Visual Composer, Contact Form 7, Sitemap, etc)

Data migration of entire websites, news magazines or network from CMS owners to WordPress with migration of all the thousands of articles, gallery, etc.

Creating new Custom Post Type or Post Personalized , to add specific items to your Backend / Frontend WordPress and be able to handle new types of data (events, jobs, Real Estate / Real Estate, etc)

Modification of purchased templates to recreate 100% the graphic idea of ​​the customer. Have you seen a template you like but do you want to make some small or big changes to fit perfectly with what you have in mind? Turning to Weprosys Ltd.  you can get the WordPress template that fully reflects your requests!

If you have a particular non-contemplated request regarding WordPress

Creation of WordPress Plugins

Do you have a particular WordPress plugin in mind? The Weprosys Ltd. developers are able to realize the WordPress plugin that you need to add any type of functionality.

Realization Themes for WordPress

In addition to plugins, Weprosys Ltd. is able to create, from scratch, the WordPress theme tailored for you or to modify existing themes. Our developers can create WordPress themes starting from the graphic “mockups” provided by the Customer or created ad hoc by our Web Designer.

If you have bought a theme that does not satisfy you, that has stewed you, or maybe you have perfectly in mind the graphic layout that you would like to create for your site, turn to Weprosys Ltd. and we will create for you the WordPress theme you want!

WordPress Technical Support

Do you have a technical problem with your WordPress site? You have to solve some conflict between plugins or themes, do you want to update your WordPress version or your plugins to the latest releases released? For any criticality with WordPress Weprosys Ltd. can analyze your problem and solve it.

Request Technical Assistance on WordPress!

Performance Optimization

Weprosys Ltd. manages the maintenance of many WordPress websites. Some of these are very high traffic and have allowed our development department to specialize in the configuration and optimization of the Hosting services for WordPress and in particular in the Web Site Performance that is all those activities at the system and programming level put in place in order to improve the performance and speed of a website. Evaluate together with our specialists how to improve the performance of your WordPress site!

Transfer WordPress Website

Do you need to migrate or transfer your website? Weprosys Ltd. takes care of everything for you.

There are two types of services:

-Migrating a WordPress site to another Hosting

-Migration from other CMS to WordPress

-Migrating a WordPress site to another Hosting

The activity of transferring a WordPress site from the current Hosting to another is not an immediate action. During the transfer may in fact arise dangers or minor problems that, if not properly managed, often, for those not experienced in WordPress, can lead to a huge waste of time and money.

If you need to migrate your WordPress site to a new Hosting provider, Weprosys Ltd. can support you in everything so that the migration happens in a “painless” way without any downs for the site, connectivity problems or DNS and all the unpleasant situations that can arise in these occasions.

Our WordPress team   will take care of the backup and migration operations, delivering the fully functional WordPress site and migrating to your new Hosting.

Migration from other CMS to WordPress

With the affirmation of the WordPress platform there are more and more small and large companies that want to migrate their hosted sites on obsolete CMS owners on the new high performance WordPress environment. In particular, among these realities are the newspapers, curbed in this passage by the inability to migrate the old articles on WordPress without losing SEO indexing.

The team of Weprosys Ltd. composed of WordPress and SEO experts is able to perform all the necessary operations ensuring a proper migration of the contents and the maintenance of the positions on the search engines already acquired.

If you have a site already online and you are going to migrate to WordPress without losing the contents contact us immediately and our team will find the solution you are looking for.