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Outsource it staffing for oracle application developers

So it’s easy to hire an Oracle programmer. Finding and retaining an Oracle programmer can be a challenge for some companies. Not for us, however. We have a strict selection process to properly select our Oracle developers in Weprosys Ltd. In addition to our theoretical tests, talents must demonstrate practice, and practice Oracle development experience.

Oracle Corporation is a US multinational computer technology company. Oracle has more than 400,000 clients and implementations. The company offers a fully integrated stack of cloud applications, platform services and engineering systems. The company also develops and builds tools for the development of databases, and mid-level software systems, ERP, CRM and SCM software.


High demand for Oracle programmers

The facts are clear. The demand for highly qualified talents in Oracle development is superior to the offer. It creates a tremendous shortage in the market. Our mission is simple: Search, hire, retain the best Oracle programmers in Eastern Europe. This allows our customers to always stay ahead of the curve.

Keeping our talents happy

Many companies say they care about their employees. Only a few really care. That’s the truth. Our business revolves around 100% finding and retaining talent. Without talent, we do not have a business. We not only have talents, but our goal is to keep them happy.

All of our Oracle developers work from one of our facilities in Bangladesh. This is to guarantee intellectual property, security and knowledge of the property code and the assets of our clients. We have facilities in most of Bangladesh. Do not hesitate to schedule a visit!

We do not compete in price, we compete in quality. The market is in high demand for Oracle developers, and there are not enough Oracle developers for all. Simple economy, we could say. This means that prices throughout the world are high, regardless of location. We directly use your Oracle developer (on your behalf). We pay all taxes to employees and the contribution to employment for the state. No complications for you. Without complicated procedures and administrative complications.

This is a great advantage for you and our Oracle developers. You work directly together That’s why we usually let our clients manage their Oracle developers directly. You know your Oracle application better than anyone else. Upon request, we also provide project management on your behalf from your Oracle developers.

On-site implementation of Oracle development staff is available upon request. All TE developers will have the last word in the relocation because happy developers are a priority. All cost of living adjustments and relocation fees are transferred to the client. This arrangement works best for periods of 3-6 months. Customers who seek long-term relocation on the site are advised to inform TE in advance so that we can hire specific Oracle candidates seeking relocation.

Think of us as an extension of your team. For QA, we performed a free QA smoke test on your Oracle application. We strongly recommend that you assign a dedicated quality control in your budget. For CS, we also have resources available to do the CS of your Oracle application.

Team Extension uses Git, GitHub, Jira, Slack to communicate. We will also invite you to our Slack channel. In our company, we are using specific tools. VPN, etc. Could my Oracle developer use them too?

Yes, we can / will use VPN, and yes, you can use any tool that your company is currently using and send it to us. If training is required, keep this in mind when we are incorporating your Oracle developers. Finally, if licenses are required, be sure to acquire licenses of the software in question for the developer.