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Outsource it staffing for java developers

Our most valuable resource is our people. We focus not only on their experience and skills, but also on cooperation, team coherence and motivation. Our company provides attractive opportunities for career development, various bonuses and effective training. Our development team includes highly qualified programmers, designers, project managers, automated testers, marketing specialists, and business analysts. We are fully involved in the customer’s project and take care of its final result. We offer our clients advice on how to develop the best solution and take on projects of any size and complexity.

Weprosys Ltd. gives you the opportunity to find everything you need: we develop projects, starting with the discussion of his idea and ending with the launch of the product. Our process includes various stages: requirements analysis, marketing research, design, development, testing, stabilization, release, and support after launch, etc. Our main goal is to create the most effective solution that will contribute to the development of your company. We “plunge” into your project, delving into its goals and objectives. Deep experience and knowledge, as well as use of the best technologies allow us to offer you quality solutions for automation and optimization of business processes, increasing sales, forming customer loyalty, etc.


Java \ web development

We are developing Java mobile and web applications of the highest quality. Fill out and send us an application, hire Java application developers and we will solve your problems.

-67% senior developers

-Oracle Certified Professionals

-Java developers with more than 3 years of experience

-A dedicated team of specialists

-Location: Eastern Europe

We are a company for developing qualitative java applications

An experience

Our Java application developers have experience of three years. All specialists have great knowledge and experience working on projects in various fields, and provide you with the best results.


We are senior software engineers with experience of three or more years (67%). All our Java application developers have certificates from international companies.

Transparency of the communication process

We use the Agile methodology, which allows us to make all the changes on time, and provide feedback. Our team of developers will work only on your projects, giving you the opportunity to fully control both the course of work and the budget.

Quality and reliable applications

We are developing Java mobile and web applications of the highest quality. Using only the best technologies and practices allows us to create first-class products.


We offer you services to develop Java applications of the highest quality, working only with advanced technologies. We follow the development trends of Java mobile and web applications and keep pace with the times.

Adequate prices

Our company offers you attractive prices, while maintaining the quality of products and services. We work only with the best technologies and techniques, saving you time and resources.


Developing Applications for Business

Weprosys Ltd. develops Java business applications to optimize your workflows and increase your sales.

– Customer Relationship Management

– Business Process Automation

– Data Analysis & Business Intelligence

– Enterprise

Management System – Content Management / Resource Management

Developing Java Mobile Applications

Weprosys Ltd. creates effective and reliable applications for insurance, finance, advertising, education on various platforms.

– Mobility of the company

– Social networks

– Mobile payments

– mVoIP

– Advertisement

Developing Java Web Applications

Weprosys Ltd. provides services for developing Java web applications of the highest quality for B2B and B2C, including SaaS solutions.

– Internet trading

– Solutions for online orders and payment processing

– Web content management

– Corporate portals

– Media content distribution

We use checked technologies

-Platforms / Languages


-UI Design


-Oracle Fusion Middleware

-CMS / EDMS / Portals

-Infrastructure solutions

-Reporting & BI

-Java 2 SE



We create solutions for such industries as


Our knowledge and experience allow us to offer our customers high-quality mobile and web applications for airlines, travel agencies and companies. We help our clients solve operational issues and improve the quality of services. We implement such complex functions as:

–  booking tickets;

– incentive program for frequent flyers;

–  booking and registration;

–  control and management of flight information;

– integration and support of payment terminals;

–  Rent and lease of cars;

–  search and booking hotels;

–  Caching;

–  Route planning;

– processing of payment orders;

–  digital support for guides.

Banking & Finance

We create effective mobile and web applications for banks, credit bureaus, agencies, trading companies, as well as companies involved in processing transactions. Thanks to our experience and highly qualified specialists, we provide our customers with first-class financial solutions for:

–  mobile and Internet banking;

–  Online payment systems;

–  processing of payments and payment orders;

–  payment of electronic bills;

–  credit and debit transactions;

–  control of commission fees;

–  collection and analysis of customer information;

–  registration and storage of documents;

–  registration of customers;

–  indication and tracking of current exchange rates.

Distance learning

Our experienced developers  introduce innovative methods into the learning process. We create high-quality mobile and web applications for our customers, helping them to train both ordinary users and employees of companies. We develop effective solutions that allow:

–  Offer streaming multimedia;

–  Create exciting and effective online courses;

–  manage course programs;

–  create training business programs;

–  offer international trainings / programs for students and employees of companies;

–  how to pass, and create various tests and exams;

–  introduce innovative methods of teaching;

–  provide communication between students and teachers;

–  have access to external information;

–  Collect videos, articles, books in the application;

– to  offer the technology of augmented reality.

Internet trading

We help our customers both to increase sales, so to optimize and automate business processes. Successful combination of our knowledge, skills and skills allows us to offer companies engaged in both retail and wholesale trade such effective solutions as:

–  increase in sales;

–  creation of loyalty programs;

–  internet advertising;

–  analysis of the target audience;

–  Online auctions;

– collection of information about customers (preferences, behavior, needs);

–  sending push notifications;

–  navigation of customers and indication of the best routes to your company (store);

–  creation of effective partnership programs;

– geo –  positioning;

–  transaction processing online.


Our in-depth knowledge of the field, as well as the use of the latest technology, allows us to develop first-class mobile and web applications for medical and sports centers, hospitals and coaching companies. We create effective innovative solutions for:

–  registration of patients;

–  collection and storage of patient data;

– analysis of patients’ health;

–  scanning using mobile technologies;

–  inventory management;

–  access to medical records;

–  processing of insurance payments;

–  playing sports;

–  compliance with the diet;

– the  formation of useful habits;

– maintaining a healthy lifestyle;


The development of mobile and web applications for the insurance industry is our strength. Our knowledge and experience, as well as the use of advanced technologies, help us create high-quality applications for our clients for health insurance, social insurance, car insurance, as well as for accident insurance. Our solutions enable us to:

–  quickly calculate the cost of insurance;

–  assess the damage and the scope of necessary work due to a car accident;

– to calculate insurance operational risks;

–  order and register insurance poles;

–  inform the insurance agent of the accident;

– receive instructions for action in a specific situation;

–  process insurance claims;

–  have all the necessary documents in the application;

–  send customers push-notifications (discounts, offers);

–  Calculate retirement income.

– Achievement of life balance.


We offer transport and logistics companies services to develop high-quality mobile and web applications for solving operational issues, as well as for automating work processes. Aiming at the result, the great experience of our specialists and the use of the latest technologies allow us to implement the following solutions:

– transporter management;

– Warehouse management;

– monitoring and optimization of traffic;

– supply chain management;

– Regulation of the movement of drivers;

– control of the goods carried;

– scheduling and control;

– planning and management of the route;

– Demand and supply planning;

– planning and control of production.