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Outsource it staffing for graphics design

Advantageous design outsourcing for any business. The branding studio of the full cycle Weprosys Ltd. offers profitable and efficient design outsourcing, as well as the solution of any creative and production tasks related to the development and registration of a logo (trademark) in your project.

Where to start:

Send an application for a call, call +88017188377901 or request a commercial offer by mail info@weprosys.com

Timeline for Compliance:

Typically, the design of outsourcing is to perform a certain monthly amount of work. (Exact deadlines will be known after detailed communication).

What will you get:

-Operative start of work on your corporate identity

-Execution of design works for any advertising materials

-Competent work with all contractors


The exact price for the whole project will be indicated in the commercial proposal, after consulting with our specialist.

What is the design of outsourcing and why is it needed?

The design of outsourcing is the possibility of full or partial transfer of a third-party service organization related to the development of design models of your company. What is the difference between the usual orders of these works, you ask?

The main difference is the price and the period of cooperation, outsourcing implies – long-term business relations and the transfer of the entire amount of necessary work, the company providing these services.


Due to long and transparent, for the executor and the customer, the service budget – considerable discounts and the final price can be given, for a similar composition of works, will be lower than with a one-time order.

We offer complex design-outsourcing services for you,


-Graphic design services when accompanying advertising layouts in the media;

-preparation and support in the production of all types of advertising printing (booklets, flyers, print advertising);

-design support for mock-ups for outdoor advertising (boards, city lights, any other kinds of carriers);

-WEB-design and advertising (advertising banners, promo-sites);

-corporate design (corporate packages, calendars, folders, envelopes, badges, branded clothes, etc.);

-Design support for “turn-key” of various advertising projects both in the media and outdoor -advertising, and on the Internet;

-design layouts for social networks;

-Other types of graphic design and advertising design that may be of interest to you.

Pros of outsourcing design:

-Saving money, time and nerves

-The salary of one designer (graphic design specialist), with work experience of 2 years, and the skills of working in the main graphics programs, is 25,000-40000 Taka. per month.

-Necessary costs for the maintenance of a specialist – office equipment, office, furniture, its accounting services and many other things that usually accompanies employees in your company.

-If, however, it will be about several specialists of different profiles – designer, layout designer, copywriter, web designer, etc., the amount of costs will grow exponentially.

Efficiency and competence

Loyal pricing system

We suggest taking over the entire range of graphic design and advertising design necessary for you, with minimal support budgets and a high professional level of the quality of the work performed.

And of course, the main question that worries the Customer –

How much will it cost me?

The answer is quite simple – much cheaper, compared to the cost of qualifying personnel

Recruited to work in the state. Namely:

– The cost of design-outsourcing services largely depends on the monthly composition and scope of work you need, and is as follows:

-From 20,000 Taka a month.

-This amount will include an unlimited number of design mock-ups monthly, with an unlimited number of edits.

-(For more precise information on the cost of design-outsourcing for you,

-We can say after a call by phone +88017188377901

Other advantages of working with us:

Guarantee of patentability of naming and logo

Our studio is one of the few who can develop a unique and unused name for the company so that in the future it can be patented and thereby avoids unpleasant situations with claims and courts.

FREE and quick check of the name on the basis of Project

Due to the fact that our patent attorneys have electronic document circulation with Project, we can afford to check the name in a very short time 1-3 days and free of charge.


This is our main asset. We value every client, so we find an individual, unique approach to everyone. We are pleased to see how your business is developing.

Continuous development

We are on the way with innovations, that’s why we constantly perfect our professional skills.

We control the printing process

We have a lot of experience working with printing companies, that’s why we often look at our own proofs and, if necessary, come to production to check the printing of promotional materials

Copyright guarantee

The images and fonts used by us in our work do not violate the copyrights of the rightholders. Thus, we help our clients avoid unpleasant situations with claims and legal costs.

Acceptable prices for services

The cost of each order is discussed taking into account the financial interests of both parties.

We comply with the approved deadlines

We appreciate your and your time, therefore we always observe the agreed terms.

How will the work:

  1. Contact

You apply to us in any convenient way: by leaving an application  on the site, writing to us by e-mail info@weprosys.com or by calling +88017188377901

Submit your application

  1. Clarify information and fill in the brief

The manager of our company specifies you all the necessary data for the future project, also sends the brief, if necessary and consults for free on all issues.

  1. Commercial offer

We send you a commercial offer with a detailed description of the future work, timing and cost.

  1. Agreement and conclusion of a contract

There is an exchange of documents in scan copies, if necessary; we send documents by mail or courier service.

  1. Advance payment

After the conclusion of the contract, an advance account is issued. It is 50% of the total amount under the contract.

  1. Developing

We carry out work on the project, agreeing with you the interim results. Depending on the complexity of the project, the number of interim approvals can vary from 2 to 10. For communication, we use modern communication channels.

  1. Delivery of the project

We sign an acceptance certificate and send you all the materials for the project. You pay the remaining amount under the contract.

  1. Escort and consultation

If necessary, we advise the staff of your company on the use of promotional materials.