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Outsource it help desk services

All the projects we carry out always include a help desk, assistance and maintenance service , in order to guarantee our customers the maximum level of system efficiency. These services, as well as being included for an agreed initial phase, can be extended or customized, based on the different business needs encountered.

To be close to our customers we have made available a portal through which assistance request tickets can be opened. The taking charge and the resolution of the reports respect the timing based on the severity of the problem and the SLA agreed with the customer.


Help desk

Our Help Desk service aims at solving, quickly and effectively, all the technical problems encountered by our customers’ staff. a dedicated ticketing portal , any of our customers can send their request for assistance, explain what the problem is and submit it to the system. In a very short time our team will take charge of the team, contacting the customer and guaranteeing the time agreed by the SLA.


We offer assistance services characterized by different levels and types. Our mission to satisfy all customer needs a close and constant relationship has led us to offer increasingly personalized assistance services, from technical ticketing only to business consulting.


We guarantee to all companies a continuous and constant maintenance of all the systems we make. Our solutions, in fact, are made to optimize work and company performance, and this result is guaranteed only if the maximum efficiency of the technologies in use is maintained.

Service desk

With SERVICE DESK the customer has a single center to contact, always available to solve all problems. The HS Systems service differs from traditional call centers because it provides the resources that provide assistance with innovative tools: for each customer there is the situation of all the installed and the history of interventions, information that allows rapid and timely response to requests for assistance.

Hardware assistance

HARDWARE ASSISTANCE services offer added value: in addition to the rapid replacement and repair of faulty parts, they are organized to support customers in managing the administrative processes of “guarantees” and allow them to know what services are included, what is the reference and intervention times.

System assistance

The HS Systems team offers 360 ° support on the major platforms, including Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, and Linux, OS / 400. The activities include training, on-site or remote assistance, project consultancy and support in activities.

IMAC services (install add move change)

IMAC SERVICES consist in the installation, moving or reconditioning of IT devices. HS Systems carries out IMAC activities on specific customer needs throughout the country.

Management and co-management of information systems

HS Systems also solves the organizational difficulties due to the lack of staff in companies with a CED, offering specialized human resources alongside the existing staff. With the help-desk technical assistance services, our customer knows that he can rely on a single point of contact for all assistance requests.

The services are based on the real operational needs of customers: the focus is always on solving the customer’s problem and not on applying predefined and depersonalized procedures. Professionalism is guaranteed by the quality certifications and the experience gained in over 9 years of work alongside customers.