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Outsource independent verification & validation testing services

These services help to determine if the software and the system will satisfy the intended use and the needs of the user, for this it is necessary to know the answers to these premises. Is the correct system being built? And if the development products meet the requirements, is the system being built as designed?

Increase the quality of your Software Development Projects and ensure compliance with expectations, through our specialized Verification and Independent Validation service, based on tests performed by certified Testers and with domain of applications related to different sectors and industries.


The execution model is adaptable to the particular needs of each client, whether on site or remotely, we adapt to practically any development methodology, from agile, traditional or iterative (RUP, SCRUM, etc.).

GSI uses the established standards for the processes, methods and procedures for verification evaluation and independent validation (IV & V).

The IV & V processes used by GSI allow us to provide an objective evaluation of software products and processes throughout their life cycle in an organizational environment free of the influence, guidance and control of the development team.

Our IV & V methodology is compatible with the latest engineering systems and process improvement models and derives from concepts and standards such as the IEEE Std 1012 – 2004 standard for verification and validation of Software and the Capability Maturity Model Integration Software (SEI CMMI) . The IV & V Services are carried out in parallel with the software development.