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Outsource Financial Modeling Services

The main goal of financial modeling is to determine the most profitable option for the development of the company, to conduct an analysis of the development of the project under the influence of a large number of external factors.

Any interested investor wants to be sure that the investments will bring profit, one of the simple and reliable ways to make sure of the correctness of the actions is to build a financial model of the project. Implementation of any business idea process is complex and multifaceted and thanks to financial modeling it is possible to simplify this process, discarding low-importance factors and focusing on more significant ones, minimizes the risk of making wrong decisions.


Financial modeling allows solving many tasks:

-assessment of the future financial condition of the company, taking into account the cash flows of the planned activity;

-Determination of revenue items and estimation of sales volumes;

-the definition of expenditure items and the assessment of costs;

-identification of sources of financing;

-ensuring the most efficient use of resources;

-assessment of possible risks;

-prompt response to changes in external factors;

-saving time, associated with the refusal to participate in obviously unprofitable projects.

The financial model includes:

-dynamic links of key indicators, initial data and project results;

The results of settlements are the main forms of financial statements (usually the forecast balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement);

-projected financial indicators and investment performance indicators – for different groups of project participants;

-methods for assessing the sustainability of the project, its projected results for changes in various parameters;

-assessment of project risks;

-creation and comparison of various alternative project scenarios.

Financial modeling is a highly individual process. The “fine-tuning” of the financial model for the project is always carried out, which allows to reflect the significant features of the technological and production process, procurement and sales.

Weprosys Ltd. offers the following products for this service:

-The financial model, depending on the tasks to be solved, is prepared in the form of files of the MS Excel program.

-For the subsequent work with the financial model, the methodology of work, comments and recommendations on its use, description of the financial model, applied assumptions, main factors / drivers, financial indicators can be prepared.