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Outsource enterprise security solutions

If you are faced with a security problem in your company, if you need help in organizing risk management, please contact us, our specialists have extensive experience in security services of commercial companies, as well as with a unique security audit methodology. In this article we will reveal the basic concepts and definitions this technique.

Enterprise security – is formed as a complex system, which consists of two main subsystems: threats to business security and protection from them. Threats are directed against the interests of the business entity, and the high level of security of one interest at a low level of the other does not provide the necessary level of security for the business as a whole. In most cases, security is seen as a protection against danger. However, the number of sources of threats to business is growing, they are changing qualitatively, therefore, only threat blocking is in principle always vulnerable. A cardinal solution to the problems should be sought in a complex that includes not only the prevention of threats, but also in the approach to securing the business as an object of management.


Enterprise security and risk management

Providing business security from the point of view of management is a purposeful joint activity, both of the subjects of entrepreneurial activity, and of the executive and municipal authorities.

Enterprise risk management affects the potential and real threats to the enterprise.

The security of the enterprise is divided into external and internal.

The external security of an enterprise is a system of measures aimed at identifying and eliminating business threats that are related to the activities of the enterprise with other entities (individuals, organizations) and executive authorities, as well as protection from other external negative factors.

Internal security of the enterprise is a system of measures aimed at identifying and eliminating threats related to internal business processes and personnel of the enterprise.

The enterprise security concept is an officially approved document that reflects the system of views, requirements and conditions for the organization of measures to ensure the safety of personnel and enterprise property.

Security policy – a document that contains the principles of the company’s activities with regard to security. This document contains a ranked list of threats taken into account, classification of protected resources, determines the desired level of security, describes the organizational solutions needed to solve problems.

The security strategy is a document that defines the basic methods of ensuring security.

Principles of safety – security principles include: legality, priority of preventive measures, integrated use of forces and means, coordination and interaction within and outside the enterprise, combination of transparency with secrecy, competence, economic feasibility, planned basis of activity, systemic nature.

The purpose of ensuring security is to influence the potential and real threats to the operation of the enterprise.

Security tasks are specific actions that must be performed to achieve the set goal while ensuring the security of the enterprise.

Criteria and indicators of safety – quantitative and qualitative indicators, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the level of security in the enterprise.

Security objects are everything that you use to build and develop your business, and what can be a source of danger to its existence.

Objects of protection – everything that you use to build and develop your business, and what, in your opinion, is necessary to protect.

We offer the following services to ensure the safety of the company:

-Development of long-term security development plans

-Establishment of security and economic security units

-Development of information security systems

-Selection and training of enterprise security personnel

-Selection and training of qualified security guards on the specifics of each object