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Outsource E-learning solutions for workforce-optimization

Imagine having insight into your customers’ wants and needs—insight that could help you make better, more strategic decisions about your products and services, staffing, and competitors. Imagine knowing how effectively your organization delivers a pleasing customer experience—not only in the contact center, but across all the areas of the enterprise that “touch” customers in some way.

Imagine having visibility into your day-to-day operations, understanding who’s doing what, when, and how, giving you the information you need to drive operational efficiencies, meet service goals, minimize risk, and improve processing quality and effectiveness. Now, imagine being able to put all of this information together into a comprehensive, unified approach for managing the customer experience.


Weprosys Ltd. Workforce Optimization solutions can help you do all this and more. Our customer-centric workforce optimization solutions can work across your entire enterprise, as well as in contact centers, branch operations, marketing and customer care, back-office operations, and financial compliance. With Weprosys Ltd. Workforce Optimization solutions, you can capture and manage information about your customers and performance, then use it develop predictive insights for driving measurable, sustainable business results.

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-e-Learning Solutions

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-Skill Assessment

-Skill Gap Analysis

-Online Courses

Optimization of Human Resources

Weprosys Ltd. offers workforce optimization solutions that work across the enterprise, helping organizations gain deeper visibility into organizational performance and customer needs. By leveraging this intelligence, your business can better engage customers, deliver a more consistent customer experience, and gain valuable insight for continually refining products, services, processes, operations, and staffing.

Contact Center Solutions

Today’s contact centers come in many sizes and have a wide range of requirements. That’s why Weprosys Ltd. offers workforce optimization solutions for different types of contact centers, including single- and multisite, virtual, outsourced, and offshore centers.

Branch Operations Solutions

Financial institutions and other organizations depend heavily on brick-and-mortar branch offices to provide a local presence for their customers—and must balance branch productivity and performance with revenue generation, service quality, customer satisfaction, cost containment, and staff retention. Weprosys Ltd. provides a range of products and services to help retail banks optimize branch operations.

Back-Office Operations Solutions

Back-office performance can have a significant impact on customer loyalty and business profitability, but can be highly complex to capture and analyze. With Weprosys Ltd. Back-Office Workforce Optimization, you can gain unprecedented visibility into your back-office operations, helping you improve quality, productivity and process consistency; meet service-level agreements; and reduce resource and processing costs.

Financial Compliance Solutions

Financial institutions and trading rooms are typically required to record and archive their voice interactions to ensure compliance with requirements from local and international central banks, security commissions, and government regulations.

Mobile Solutions

Weprosys Ltd. mobile applications are designed to help busy executives, managers, and employees gain on-demand access to critical business information using their smartphones and tablets. Our mobile solutions can enable employees across the enterprise to capitalize on the powerful functionality of Weprosys Ltd. Workforce Optimization and Customer Analytics solutions, both within and outside the workplace.