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Outsource E-learning solution implementation

For many reasons distance education diffusion is considerably slower than overseas trends. With us, the cultural tradition of classroom training is much more ingrained and, despite the incentives for its diffusion and the evident advantages it presents compared to classroom training, it seems that the  educational landscape is “fearful” compared to the implementation of these tools. Nevertheless, in these years we are witnessing a sudden increase in the offer of courses in E-Learning by training companies and at the same time companies are increasingly approaching these tools for the provision and use of content since they have finally understood the advantages and effectiveness of these educational systems.


Weprosys Ltd. has been involved in resource development and training for over 10 years, developing software dedicated to these delicate business processes and has identified Weprosys Ltd. as the ideal partner to develop customized solutions for the management of distance learning together with its customers.

E-learning solution implementation is an LMS (learning management system) platform born from the experience of Weprosys Ltd. gained in hundreds of companies in the world.

It is a multilingual platform particularly dedicated to companies and training companies that want to provide E-Learning to their employees / employees or customers. It stands out for its extreme simplicity of configuration and start-up in the start-up phase and for the innovative and user-friendly graphical interface.

Fully compatible with the SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 standards, E-learning solution implementation is currently the most innovative and rapid implementation platform in business contexts where resource development and HRM play a strategic role for organizations.

E-learning solution implementation is available in 3 versions:

– Free  (version dedicated to completely free community)

– Educational (version for companies that carry out training activities, schools, institutes)

– Enterprise (version dedicated to businesses with skill management and gap analysis)

In this context, the solutions and services we offer are:

– Supply and configuration of the E-learning solution implementation Platform at the Customer Organizations

– Supply of hosted LMS solutions based on already preconfigured E-learning solution implementation

– Implementation of projects for the implementation of FAD-based tools E-learning solution implementation

– Integration of E-learning solution implementation

– Integration of E-learning solution implementation with the company management systems

– Assistance and coaching in the implementation and start-up of E-learning solution implementation

– Training and helpdesk

– Creation of Learning Objects for the platform

– Creation of Web Site of integration to the E-learning solution implementation platform

E-learning solution implementation and designs solutions based on this technology with the aim of eliminating the technological gap of Italian companies by developing and retraining the human capital available to acquire the competitive advantage necessary to compete with the main players in the national, American, European and international markets.