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Outsource e-learning software application development

Thanks to the development of new technologies and training methods that have been able to exploit its potential, the evolution of training systems has allowed revolutionizing the traditional training processes. The distance training platforms, also known as the Weprosys e-learning software application, allow students to take advantage of educational content from anywhere, and at different times, through the simple use of a computer and an internet connection.


The Weprosys e-learning software application for every need for everyone

E-Learning has never been so easy! Our Software allows you to easily and quickly manage remote training in streaming technology. The same ensures a standard of personal data security through the use of the https protocol. While the educational contents are accessible only to authorized users, it is possible to monitor the progress of the course for each of the participants.

Access to the e-Learning platform can be managed through the following profiles:

The Director and manager of the Weprosys e-learning software application;

The Instructor is an independent user in the management of the members of the company, in the editing of the e-learning software application, in the upload of educational material on the eLearning platform (such as video, pdf, questionnaires);

User enrolled in the e-learning software application, accesses content directly from the web, without having to download the educational material from the e-Learnig platform.

-The teacher can create and organize his own online course and its contents:

-Registering new participants in the online course on the e-Learning platform;

-Creating the contents of the individual lessons of the online course;

-Loading the materials from the Weprosys e-learning software application.

Thanks to the tools provided in our e-Learning platform, the verification tests are directly composed within the system, through a simple and intuitive function, which allows the FAD teacher to concentrate on the contents and the management of the courses.

The teacher can insert on the e-Learning platform, in a very simple and fast way, communications of general interest destined to all the students. The teacher can also communicate privately with other teachers or individual students within the Weprosys e-learning software application. Users are also made possible to participate in the forums between students and teachers. Moreover, the teacher can check in detail the progress of each individual member in relation to the course he belongs to.

The software is developed with J2EE technology and uses completely open source containers.

Characterized by a cross-platform approach, it can be installed in any hardware and software configuration.

There is also a version of e-Learning platform compatible with open CMS platforms such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal. In any case it is possible to exploit the web world to optimize tools and results.

The main advantages:

-Freedom to make use of the content on time and with the methods preferred by the user;

-Elimination of expenses for travel, teaching, management of classrooms, purchase of paper materials;

-Web application built on open source infrastructure, to make the project economically sustainable;

-Extensive possibilities for customization and scalability;

-High possibilities for integration with different companies.

Our e-learning proposals are specifically designed to fulfill the training needs typical of those who must develop FAD projects and who must manage specific training modules, different types and different levels of students, in order to build e-learning platforms. That takes into account all the aspects that can influence the success of the project as a whole.