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Outsource e-learning mobile application development

Full service cycle in the development of E-Learning mobile applications. Weprosys Ltd. has been involved in developing mobile applications since 2012. We professionally master the development of all types of mobile applications for all devices – smartphones and tablets – regardless of the platform. We offer native mobile app development (Android, iOS, Windows Phone & Universal Windows platform and Blackberry), implement cross-platform solutions based on Microsoft Xamarin and develop HTML5-based and hybrid mobile applications.

The Mobile Learning revolution

In recent years, mobile technology is literally revolutionizing the world of teaching and employee training , offering more and more numerous and unexpected benefits. In the USA, around 47% of organizations use mobile solutions to train their staff, a number that will surely increase thanks to the considerable benefits found.


Technology applied to teaching

Mobile Learning is supported by a series of technological tools able to bring the training of employees on the screen of mobile devices:


Technology allows industry professionals to create training courses for a wide range of platforms, including mobile platforms, and to create bespoke mobile applications, games, instructional videos and informal learning activities.

2) xAPI xAPI

technology allows trainers to monitor the progress of individual students, thus offering a differentiated training based on the specific needs of users.

3) Responsive Design, of course

Responsive design technology allows a site to be optimized for mobile devices too. Web content automatically graphically adapts to the device through which they are displayed so as to minimize the need for resizing by the user.

The advantages of Mobile Learning

There are many advantages offered by mobile technology applied to teaching.

1) Flexibility

Through mobile devices, employees have the opportunity to learn from anywhere and at any time, with a significant increase in learning flexibility. Didactic contents such as videos, podcasts and multimedia files are not anchored to a fixed place and at a pre-established time and leave the user the possibility to manage the places and learning time in an autonomous way.

2) Loyalty

Learning only occurs if the teaching content is well structured and the key points are well established. Mobile learning is designed to create involvement, leading to the completion of the course.

3)  Involvement

Mobile devices are important tools for engaging students in creating online learning communities, making the teaching moment more effective and engaging.

4)  Multi-device

Thanks to the mobile solutions, the employee can manage his training through different devices: PC; laptop; tablet or smartphone.

5) Better performance

The ease of access to information and the learning method offered by Mobile Learning, which does not interfere with daily habits, offer better results and performance.

6) Learning Guide

Many of the currently available platforms offer a clear path to learning and allow you to receive ongoing alerts and updates on courses through the same mobile devices.

Facts and figures about mobility solutions:

– Compliance with industry standards

– Both frontend and backend development

– Native and cross-platform solutions

– Simple applications and complex multi-component systems

– Support and maintenance available around the clock

– Selected tools and technologies:

– Android SDK & NDK

– iOS & UIKit

– .NET Entity Framework & Web Services

– FusionCharts

– Xamarin & Sencha Touch

– PhoneGap & Bootstrap

– Objective C, C #, HTML5, CSS3, Java, jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js and more.

– Subject areas of mobile expertise

All mobile app solutions are exclusively developed ex-novo, depending on the individual business needs and challenges of our customers. Our portfolio of mobile solutions includes a variety of projects, from smaller, simpler applications to large, deeply integrated systems. Examples of our solutions are:

– Simple messenger

– Data, geo and time trackers

– Guides and planners

– Entertainment and social media applications

– Enterprise solutions (complex enterprise workspaces, enterprise social networks, secure mobile – enterprise communications solutions, mobile gateways and dashboards)

– Reporting applications for business intelligence and big data, etc.

– What we offer our customers

– We develop mobile app solutions for both Fortune 100 and global companies from around the world: – world-leading banks, consulting firms, global telecom market leaders, development companies, software – vendors, marketing agencies and many more.

– High quality apps

– Outstanding user experience

– Short training period

– Flexibility of customization

– Easy maintenance

– High security levels

– Business-driving solutions,

– that make your business more agile and sustainable

– which allows you and your employees more initiative and efficiency

– that give you access to corporate data and systems on the go

– that you share with your customer and your business, wherever you are

– The apps we develop for you can be used both for internal needs and as white label solutions that you – offer to your clients or investors.