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Document management

The rational architecture of internal workflow is the most important component of high productivity in any organization.

In addition to outsourcing non-core staff and financial processes, we offer our clients a comprehensive optimization of internal workflow for achieving the best results.

Weprosys Ltd. solves a wide range of tasks aimed at improving the workflow: from auditing the current workflow system and developing individual recommendations to implementing the electronic document management system (EDS) and organizing the functional units responsible for compliance with the recommended workflow methodology.

Analysis of the state of the workflow

Evaluation of the current system of office work, development of recommendations for its improvement.

Starting and setting up the workflow system

Practical work to eliminate inefficient elements of the document management system, introduce a rational methodology, translate documents into electronic format.

Organization of office work

Optimization of the staff units responsible for the conduct of office work and compliance with the recommended methodology of workflow.

Regular service for keeping document circulation

The company weprosys Ltd. provides services in the field of partial or complete management of both internal and external workflow of the organization.

Analysis of the state of the workflow

Depending on the organizational structure, the analysis of the current records management system may include the following activities:

Survey and questioning of employees of subunits

Analysis of the functional of structural divisions, identification of duplicate functions, determination of the optimal composition of the participants of the agreement on certain types of documents.

Analysis of the distribution of responsibilities in the areas of activity and consistency of decisions; Formation of responsibility matrices in making managerial decisions.

Development of recommendations on optimization (construction) of document circulation in the context of separate documentation systems – incoming, outgoing, administrative, contractual, procurement and other documents.

Diagnosis of the organization’s readiness to implement the electronic document management system (EDS).

Development of recommendations on setting the document flow “from scratch” (when working with newly created units, or if necessary, a complete revision of the document management system)

Based on the results of the audit, a detailed analytical report on the results is sent to the client, including a description of the current document management processes, individual recommendations for their optimization, and an assessment of the organization’s readiness for implementing the ERMS.

Starting and setting up the workflow system

The main stage of workflow optimization is the fulfillment of tasks agreed with the client based on the analysis of the current document management system.

At this stage, the client can be offered the following types of work:

Approval of document types, templates, uniform rules of registration. Description of document processing routes

Correction of the nomenclature of cases or its formation from scratch

Building a system for monitoring the execution of tasks

Reduction of paperwork – the definition of a list of documents for translation into electronic form

Development of administrative documents that form the legal field of application of the SED in the organization

Development of local normative acts – instructions, regulations, standards, methodologies and other regulatory and administrative documents as agreed with the client

Development of corporate training courses in document management.

Organization of office work

Depending on the size of the organization and its structure, the client may be recommended to allocate individual employees or departments (or optimization of existing units) responsible for compliance with the document flow methodology in the company, as well as the regulation of business processes.

At this stage, the customer can be offered the following solutions:

Developing the organizational structure of the internal document management service, regulating its work and calculating the optimal number

Creation of a competence center for the regulation of business processes – the methodology department. Development of normative methodology, construction of organizational structure of the department and regulation of its work

Implementation of one of two normative methods: centralized (department of methodology) and decentralized (staff responsible for document management in divisions).

Regular service for keeping document circulation

The company weprosys Ltd. provides services in the field of partial or complete management of both internal and external workflow of the organization.

The main advantages of the integrated transfer of functions for document management for outsourcing include:

The fastest implementation of the latest practices in the field of record keeping

Elimination of weaknesses in the current workflow system.

Increase the effectiveness of the entire organization and staff.

Reducing routine workload on staff – concentrating on strategically important tasks

Within the framework of the service contract, weprosys Ltd. can undertake the following tasks:

Comprehensive audit of the state of the workflow, practical recommendations

Development of procedures and regulations for document management

Training of personnel directly processing the entrusted documentation, taking into account the specifics of the client’s business processes.

Full management of internal and external workflow.

Common Service Centers

If you plan to implement the General Service Center (GSC) and your financial service need additional resources – we offer a solution.

According to a recent study, more than 80% of international companies use outsourcing and / or GSC to manage financial and accounting functions. Such business process management models help to reduce costs, improves process efficiency, and improves support for business functions.

Implementation of SSC for large and medium-sized companies

In case you are building your own SSC and you have a feeling that your team of financiers and accountants is too small and not ready for rapid changes, it makes sense for you to think about the feasibility of implementation. The project to launch the GSC may be just financially inefficient.


If you have an international business, then, most likely, as an alternative, you are considering the services of a global outsourcing provider. But there is also a high probability that the outsourcer can be very big for you, and will not be able to give your project the proper amount of time.

And what should I do?

Weprosys Ltd. is ready to help you. We believe that our company is a good alternative both in the implementation of SSC and in the case of working with a global outsourcing provider.

We have extensive experience in the field of financial and accounting management for large and medium-sized organizations with a financial department of 2 to 50 employees. The size of our company and our capabilities fully meet the expectations of top management from the segment of large and medium-sized businesses. We are able to provide flexible service at a competitive price, ensuring absolute transparency and control of business functions.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with how we can help with supporting financial and accounting processes, as well as in achieving your goals.

Portfolio of services in the field of financial and accounting processes management

We provide services in the field of financial and accounting functions. But what does the service portfolio consist of?

Key facts about outsourcing of financial and accounting processes

Before deciding whether to outsource the processes, you may have a number of questions.

Implementation of outsourcing of financial and accounting processes

What happens when you decide to use the services of weprosys Ltd.?

Model of rendering outsourcing services

We adhere to the rule “always do our work right the first time.” This is the motto of our customer service department. In our team we have gathered experienced professionals who are always ready to give you exactly what you expect.

Effective GSC together with weprosys Ltd.

Do you need help creating an GSC? Or are you looking for an alternative to a global provider of outsourcing services? We are ready to help you!

Service Portfolio

We offer the following set of services for outsourcing financial and accounting processes.

Maintaining the following areas of accounting and taxation:


Settlement with suppliers

Settlement with buyers

Main book

Fixed assets

Tax accounting

Expense reports.

Key facts about outsourcing of financial and accounting processes

What do you need to know before you decide to outsource your processes? That’s what our customers say.

Have you thought about outsourcing? This is a very important decision, so it makes sense to ask as many questions as possible. Below we provide answers to the most frequent questions of our customers.

What is the advantage of outsourcing?

What are the main risks of outsourcing accounting and financial processes?

What are the main factors of success?

What are the costs and how much work will be required?

What is the price (pricing model)?

Implementation of outsourcing of financial and accounting processes

Do not know what it takes to implement outsourcing? Read the recommended methodology.

Based on our practice, the outsourcing implementation project can be divided into the following 5 stages.

Strategy. At this stage, it is decided which processes will be transferred to the General Service Center; a business case is being developed; a project team is formed, etc.

Development. At this stage, a detailed description of the set of services provided, as well as the level of service is prescribed; responsibility is distributed; a system is selected to provide the service; there is an analysis of current financial and accounting processes. Transition. We prepare a detailed process map, and also draw up a list of operational procedures; we transfer business processes from your employees to a new team; man and train a new team; we completely transfer operational activities to a new organizational structure.

Transformation. At this stage, a process management model is introduced (for example, functions such as accounting for payments to suppliers / customers, maintenance of the General Ledger are built).

Improvement. Together with you, we are creating a “roadmap” to improve business processes and increase productivity in the next 18-24 months of work, and we are developing a set of necessary activities and initiatives to improve the effectiveness of GSC.

Below you can find more detailed information on the stages of “Transition” and “Transformation”.

Stage “Transition”

Stage of “Transformation”

Model of rendering outsourcing services

How to implement outsourcing? We describe the service model, we define KPI and SLA.

After the stages of “Transition” and “Transformation” are completed, the introduction of outsourcing throughout the organization begins. As part of the implementation, the external team takes on the following functions: accounting for settlements with suppliers and buyers, maintaining the general ledger, managing fixed assets and maintaining tax records.

What does the model of outsourcing services look like?

The basis for the success of any outsourcing project is quality management. Working with a professional team of experts in the field of accounting functions management, you can guarantee the fulfillment of operational goals, and also guarantee the efficiency of processes and the corresponding level of quality of services.

The Service Level Agreement (SLA), as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), play a very important role in managing the outsourcing project. Everyone knows that you can only manage what you can measure. But it is here that it’s easy to fall into the trap of a huge number of different business metrics …. Our company as well as once helps with the definition of KPI and the creation of literate SLA, which really will matter for your business. On the other hand, we understand that the conditions of doing business and the tasks that you set can change rapidly when the market situation changes. Thus, we analyze the key business metrics of our customers and give recommendations for their refinement, based on our experience and knowledge in the field of managing outsourcing projects.

Learn more about how the project is managed?

How to install KPI for financial and accounting processes outsourcing?

What is the Service Level Agreement?

Effective GSC together with weprosys Ltd.

In this section, we describe our advantages, key facts about the company and what our customers say about us.

Do you need help creating a GSC? Or are you looking for an alternative to a global provider of outsourcing services? We are ready to help you!

Advantages of weprosys Ltd. when implementing GSC:

Advantages of weprosys Ltd. in comparison with the global provider:

Key facts about weprosys Ltd.:

What is the difference between weprosys Ltd. and other providers?

What do customers say about the weprosys Ltd.?