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Outsource Document Data Entry Services

When creating any database or information system, one of the most time-consuming, energy-consuming and long-term steps is the initial data entry. A vivid example, the use of data entry. This work is carried out after scanning an array of paper documents, where it is necessary to make attributes in the search card.

How it’s done

Data entry in the vast majority of cases is carried out through operators. At present, there are no universal text recognition systems that can fully recognize and enter data in automatic mode. Even if the program can recognize the text without checking the information entered into the system, the check is always performed manually by the operators.

Place and methods of data entry

The place and methods of data entry are determined by the customer: his requirements for security and confidentiality, as well as technical and financial capabilities. Work on the customer’s premises requires allocation of areas for the working group, the organization of timely delivery and collection of documents, checking the output quality.

In the absence of such conditions on the customer’s premises, the Weprosys Ltd. Company offers remote data input or input of information on its territory.

Where do the data come from?

The format of the processed data is determined by the needs of the client. As a rule, an information system is created. It can be any program of electronic document management, electronic archive, EPR, CRM, corporate portal, website, etc. Our specialists on the basis of this system, enter the necessary data.

-Basic input sources

-printed or handwritten documents

-scanned images



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We constantly improve the professional level of our operators. Initially recruited employees who are well aware of the subject area for those documents that will have to enter. So, for example, workers with knowledge of bookkeeping and banking are involved to work with economic documents. Periodically conducted courses to increase literacy and speed.