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Outsource digital forensics services

Digital tools and solutions for analyzing and disseminating information for judicial, investigative and legal purposes. Support and training by certified technicians in the field of Digital Forensics.

Weprosys Ltd. offers technological, hardware and software tools to discover, extract, store, freeze, certify, and rationalize information that can be made available to the judicial, investigative and legal system for the pursuit of its objectives. Many manufacturers recognize Weprosys Ltd. as the most important forensic IT Company in Bangladesh. Universally established as the best acquisition and analysis tools available, distributed products are used in the most complex investigations by the Police.


Our company is able to realize forensic laboratories complete with any size and requirement providing advice, training and support for the entire life cycle of the products / solutions installed. All the technical personnel involved in Forensic analysis have the Certified Examiner certification.

Today, the amount of digital data present on a memory unit is such that it can be processed only with the aid of very powerful research tools. In fact, digital investigation can no longer be limited to words and numbers, but includes multimedia contents (images, films and sounds) with elements of relevance for investigative purposes (e.g. pedophile images in a PC, videos taken by security cameras). Research, therefore, presupposes the ability to recognize suspicious content on the basis of specific inputs and a high adaptability to the various factors involved, in terms of hardware and software (firmware, operating systems, file types, image formats, browsers, applications). Within our technical department we take care of helping customers with business Forensic analysis on computers, mobile devices and network traffic to demonstrate the offense and its authors in an easy and comprehensive way.

Digital Forensic Service. Digital Forensics, or computer forensics, is the discipline that deals with identifying, storing, analyzing and documenting IT findings in order to produce evidence in civil and criminal proceedings.

In this discipline we deal with:

-Advice in the seizure phase

-Data acquisition

-Extraction with duplication of the target tests


-Documentation through a detailed report of the results.

Mobile Forensics Service. Mobile Forensics is the science that deals with recovering digital evidence from a mobile device, using methods that do not compromise their probative status. An important distinction between conventional computer forensics and mobile forensics is the reproducibility of evidence in the case of post-mortem analysis (device off). Unlike traditional computers, telephones are always active and their content is continuously updated: the produced hash code generates a different value every time the function is performed on the device memory. This makes it impossible to obtain a bit-by-bit copy of the memory of a smartphone, with the same hash code and, even if some phones can be “dumped” by being switched off with special procedures, the same hash can be regained.

The other peculiarities of Mobile Forensics are:

-The need for interfaces, storage media and ad hoc hardware;

-In some cases, the user data is resident in volatile memory with respect to the “fixed” hard disk, so it can be lost if the device is not powered;

-In the hibernation process where processes are suspended when the device is switched off or on standby but at the same time it is active;

-The diverse variety of operating systems in use

-The availability on the market of new devices and their operating systems

-The increasingly present cloud that is allowing to hide mobile data on the web.