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Outsource data center services

The reliability of the data center depends not only on the engineering solutions chosen, but also on the proper operation of the specialists.

Correctly built work of the service operation increases the actual availability and smooth’s the project’s shortcomings. Conversely, shortcomings in the service or operating procedures can have a significant negative impact on the availability of even a properly designed data center. Moreover, experts argue that the operation of data center outsourcing can save up to 25% of IT costs in general.


-Use the data center outsourcing service

-if not satisfied with the level of availability of the existing data center;

-If the rules and procedures for servicing systems are not sufficiently developed;

-in the event of a shortage of qualified specialists in the state.

The Weprosys ltd. has been operating its own network of three commercial data centers for more than 9 years with many sites. During this time, specialists have accumulated vast experience not only in maintaining various technical solutions (power supply, air conditioning and other systems), but also in terms of the approach to the construction of the operation service and the preparation of operational documentation. Outstanding achievements in this area are confirmed by the Uptime Institute’s “Operational Sustainability Gold” certificate of the highest level for the Tier III data center. A similar certificate to date has only about ten companies around the world.

-Outsourcing of the operation of the data center is carried out in several modes

-Complex operation of the data center of the customer

-Creating a data center operation service in the state of the customer

-Building the processes of operation of the data center

Data Center – data center. As a rule, this term is called a server room, where servers and network equipment are located. In fact, if you buy any computer equipment, such as a laptop or a system unit, and then assign it with some functions besides storing data in a “shared folder” and put it in a separate room, you’ll get a tiny data center.

Depending on the number and complexity of the functions assigned to the servers, a different skill level is required for the personnel servicing the software and hardware parts of the information system. A regular system administrator does not always have enough knowledge and experience to serve and develop projects.

He gets his salary and in his interests to do so, so that it is less worried because the initiative is punishable … Outsourcing solves this problem. Under the contract, we receive money exactly for what we do, and accordingly, on the one hand you do not overpay, and on the other, the initiative to develop the information system comes from us. You name the task that faces the business – we offer solutions. Options, as a rule, a few, and therefore can be selected, based on the amount of resources and development plan of the organization. Outsourcing of the data center is also beneficial by the fact that the agreement between the organizations gives an opportunity to postpone payments in case of seasonal business, and in fact the IT-specialist hired for a salary asks for his salary on time, and late payments are automatically charged, as provided by law.