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Outsource corporate training e-learning solutions

Digital technologies help your employees to be the best in their business. E-learning courses in business and education. Weprosys Ltd. Company is engaged in creation and implementation of modern E-learning technologies at enterprises and educational institutions. They allow you to achieve higher business efficiency, while reducing the cost of training.

E-learning systems are used in companies and educational institutions of more than 100 people. Remote access allows you to accelerate the transfer of knowledge and reduces the time of training and development of staff, the development of the material by students and employees.

Leaders of various business sectors in Europe have already evaluated corporate E-learning and started using it as a tool to improve staff efficiency. Such technologies open new horizons for individual employees and for organizations in general.


The implementation of E-learning allows the personnel to receive new knowledge and skills without interruption from the main work activity. You can learn both at the workplace and at home using special data for authorization. Distance courses – a pledge of constant development and career growth of employees, prosperity of the company.

In addition, an increasing number of educational institutions use remote technologies in order to make education more modern and accessible. The organization of virtual learning centers allows the transfer of material to students regardless of their location. E-learning and business development: the role of modern learning systems.

Technologies of distance education raise the competence of employees and as a result the efficiency of the organizations that use them lead to an increase in the productivity of employees. Development of a corporate portal software products and simulators for internal training is done taking into account the needs of a specific customer and commissioning is carried out under the control of IT professionals.

The purposes of the use of distance education:

– to increase the level of skills of employees,

– to teach new sales techniques,

– to adapt newcomers to the work team.

The result is increased involvement, development of competencies, increased profitability of the business and favorable conditions in the team. To get advice and find out about effective solutions for your company, leave us an application.

-The tasks that we solve

-Stimulation of sales teams

-Our digital-technology impact on personnel can increase sales by 10-15% and raise the average check.

-Improving the quality of service

-We can increase NPS / CSI and make your customers more loyal by

-encouraging and training staff.

-Online training

-We will create an online learning strategy, implement the necessary IT tools, and develop training content.

-Mass adaptation of personnel

-We reduce costs and time for personnel adaptation, raise the return on investment in recruitment.

We can make it so that your employees will do more results than now.

-With pleasure and drive.

-Remote training skills

-We will train the personnel and teach them to perform any complex operations. Even if the employees are tens of thousands, and the territory is all of World.