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Outsource corporate IT training services

Company Weprosys Ltd. renders services in organization and organization of Corporate IT training of employees. Corporate IT training is the most convenient form of training and retraining of personnel, developing professional competencies and qualifications of specialists and managers of your company.

Corporate IT training allows the business:

-Optimize staff development costs

-To develop the company personnel development system

-To increase the necessary companies competence at the same time a large number of employees

-Teach employees on a program that takes into account the specifics of the company and the subject area

-Organize training by selecting a convenient location and develop a flexible training schedule that allows you to build employee development into the rhythm of the company’s work.


Our company offers two types of Corporate IT training

Corporate Programs

The corporate program develops a set of competences for employees, forms a qualified specialist in accordance with the professional standard adopted by the Company.

The corporate program assumes a long and complete training of employees in the chosen direction.

Corporate IT trainings and seminars

Corporate IT trainings and seminars develop individual competencies of employees, allow you to create additional skills to improve performance, master new business technologies. (list of Corporate IT trainings and seminars).

You can order Corporate IT training on any program presented on the site, or we will develop a program on the subject you are interested in.

Our Business Coaches

-have extensive experience in training employees and managers of large and medium-sized companies in the energy, oil and gas, chemical, engineering and IT industries;

-are experts in their field, certified specialists, have successful experience in the implementation of business projects, are published in business and scientific publications;

-own technologies for assessing the level of qualifications and competencies of employees in their expertise;

-have the competence to organize and conduct Corporate IT training in companies;

-know the methodology and methodology of developing training courses, taking into account the priority tasks, industries and specific business of the company.


Corporate IT training allows you to maximally bring the content of the program closer to the goals and objectives of the company’s business.

Adaptation of the training program assumes:

-Express assessment of the level of knowledge of participants in Corporate IT training – company specialists;

-finalization and adaptation of the training program, taking into account the tasks to be accomplished, the level of training and the composition of the participants;

-change the program at the company’s request (adding or removing training blocks, expanding and deepening the necessary elements of the program);

-preparation of practical examples based on the practices and projects of the client company and the development of handout materials based on them;

-directly training the company’s specialists using practical examples of real projects;

-development and inclusion in the program of thematic speeches of managers and expert practitioners from among the company’s employees, to demonstrate the value of the provisions and principles discussed in the class on the basis of real examples of work and projects of the Company.

Orgainzation of training

-It takes place in groups (trainings – for 10-15 participants, seminars for up to 20 participants, a large number of participants in the program is divided into several groups)

-Passes to the dates convenient for the Customer, including days off

-It is organized on the site chosen by the Company – the Customer

-It is conducted in any region of Russia (if the Customer wishes, training can be organized in other countries of the world)

Evaluation and certification

-Performance of final works

-Certification of participants in the training program

-Preparation of reports and recommendations


-Development of staff competencies

-Formation of practical work skills

-Obtaining approved methodologies for solving production problems

-Improving the quality of decisions made

-The formation of a team of employees working in the same paradigm who have a common professional language


The complex of services for Corporate IT training includes:

-Adaptation of the training program (collection of information for the preparation of the program, preliminary negotiations, the meeting of the trainer with the customer company, as needed, testing of the personnel)

-Preparation of methodological materials (finalization and production of methodical materials for the number of participants in the training)

-Corporate IT training of company employees

-Maintenance of the Customer at the stages of specification of the request and discussion of the results of training

Additional services

At the request of the client company, in the framework of Corporate IT training, Weprosys Ltd. company provides additional services:

-Evaluation of staff (before and after training)

-Organization of a site for Corporate IT training, including the organization of a cultural program

-Conducting final evaluation activities, during which participants demonstrate their level of preparation

-Preparation of reports and recommendations

-Preparation of presentations and videos about the training

In the course of Corporate IT training, or at its end, PraxisCom can help to improve the efficiency of the customer’s business through:

Rendering of consulting services

Working groups and strategic sessions