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Outsource Company Profiling Service

Company profile – brief information about your company that you use to create your credibility in the market that you serve. Your company profile helps your potential customers understand your business, and understand your company’s approach to unique advantages and relevant experience. Your company profile demonstrates your company’s ability to effectively meet customer needs.


Who will benefit from the company profile? The profile of the company will be useful for any company that wants to strengthen its authority, including: – consulting firms, where it is important to create a basis for experience. service providers that can not be evaluated before the sale, so the company profile will help customers evaluate whether it is worth trusting a particular company. A company whose name is not yet recognized on the market.

How can a company profile be used?

There are many ways to use the company profile, for example:

– put it on your website, in order to show the reliability of your company.

– Use the printed version as a tool to increase sales at trade shows or in mailing lists to customers.

– Providing their creditors will help ensure funding.

– adding it to media materials, as well as in press releases, to provide media with background information about your company.

– Use it as a tool for recruitment.

Component of company profile and Report

Background and introduction

Executive synopsis, company history, and business status

Organizational structure and important facts

Financial performance and ownership

Executive board and biographies

Chief executives address

Key competing firms by product segments

Stock market performance

Media monitoring

Market position

Product categories: Solution characteristics, industry solutions, solution areas, and categorized products

Competitive landscape: Industry overview and evolving requirements, along with complete Industry Profiling if required

Financial results: Recent highlights and 5-year summary

Business operations: Plant locations, joint ventures, and global alliances

Short- and long-term events

Overall strategic position

Advancements in technology and products

OEM details

Advanced R&D and SWOT analysis